robbery bobIn this modern day and age when games like Grand Theft Auto are peddled to kids without any second thought it really was only a matter of time until someone made a mobile game about breaking and entering, and here it is.  Robbery Bob is a graphically beautiful game with a simple premise, steal items and don’t get caught.  It’s not as sinister as I daresay I’ve just made it sound.  You’re broken out of jail by a “Shady Character” who then takes you on a burglary rampage for amusing items like divorce papers and TV remotes.  As the game progresses so do the difficulty of the heists and the value of the items!

mzaDon’t get me wrong I love the GTA franchise and will happily play them until my thumbs are sore, but when I saw this game advertised I was a little put off by the blunt attitude to burglary.  Once I’d got over that and started playing the game I had a really good time!  The graphics and soundtrack play a huge part in that, it really is a deliciously designed game.  The game play is intuitive and well thought out, and the levels are challenging enough to keep you interested without boring you by being too difficult.  The comedic factor of it is what makes the game so superb!  Out-of-shape guards who run out of puff whilst chasing you, unless of course you throw a poisoned donut on the floor… yep.  You can level up Bob to become sneakier and faster, as well as buy a whole range of gadgets and gizmos to make the task easier.  My personal favourite being a wind-up mouse which you use to distract guards!

So if you don’t have a problem with busting into old lady’s homes to steal their roast dinners then definitely give this game a whirl, it’s available in the App store now and it’s completely free!

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