I’m a huge, huge fan of music, and when I heard about Ubisoft bringing out (at first it was rumoured to be a guitar hero that uses real guitars) a game that encourages the use of real instruments I couldn’t believe it, but when Rocksmith was announced I was immediately in love with the concept and ever since more and more information has come out about the game I’ve been dying to get my hands on it.

It’s really great that there’s now a game that’s not only given the players the ability to use their favourite guitars with the game, but also teaches players how to play the songs. I’m not sure how the game will teach amateur players to go off by themselves and learn songs with music notation or tabs, but that’s just my music snobbery coming through.

I’m pretty excited for this game to come out on the 28th of October, so much so that I may be queueing until the shops open!

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