Swing Shot – The New Angry Birds

Swing Shot – The New Angry Birds - n3rdabl3

COM2US the people that brought us the popular game Slice It have done what we personally thought was impossible. They have made the perfect replacement for Angry Birds. This application is called Swing Shot. When I [Anthony] downloaded it from the Play Store, I didn’t even look at any pictures or the description. I just pressed install, having no idea what it would be like.

Swing Shot – The New Angry Birds - n3rdabl3First off we’ll talk about its “Arcade Mode”, with the player going through multiple Stages. There are 12 stages to each world and you are graded for each stage. At the moment, there are only 4 world for this app, but lets hope they update it with more soon!

Like we said, it’s like the perfect Angry Birds replacement. You begin at the start of the game with 8 monkeys, trying to throw boulders at other monkeys and some sort-of raccoon like animal, with one difference… the monkeys also throw rocks back at you and the raccoon type creatures throw ninja stars.. The animals are hanging off of planks tied together with string, and the cool thing is, if you destroy a branch, it drops all of the animals hanging off of it. This game is ridiculously addictive.

Swing Shot – The New Angry Birds - n3rdabl3That’s not all though, as you progress through the levels you earn bananas, these bananas are then used to purchase more monkeys or even a different bundle of animals to hang off of the baby mobile type tree such as bears that throw bee infested honey, the raccoons that we previously mentioned, sloths that throw some sort of beetle that chews through the rope holding all of the planks together at the end of every turn, and finally there’s panda’s that throw boomerangs (???). Not only can you buy bundles of animals, you can upgrade your “tree” with more durable and harder to destroy material such as chains and bricks.

Swing Shot – The New Angry Birds - n3rdabl3The next game mode is Quick Vs. This pits you against a random person somewhere in the world who is also searching for a multiplayer match. This mode is extremely fun and can earn you more bananas once you’ve completed the main single player game. This then splits into three sub-games, Classic, Sniper, Crazy. Classic mode is pretty much exactly the same as Arcade mode. Sniper mode adds a laser sight to make it easier for you or your opponent to target your weak points. Then there’s Crazy Mode, sort of a Hardcore mode that you’d find in Call of Duty. In my [Anthony’s] opinion, classic mode is much much better than the Sniper and Crazy mode… You can also buy new items at the bottom of the screen with the points you earn. I [Aaron] prefer crazy mode, it’s one of my favourites because it gives you more of a challenge because your animals fall off easier.

Definitely worth a download!

Happy swinging, n3rd3rs!

Swing Shot on Google Play.
Swing Shot on the iTunes App Store.