Steam Big Picture

So it’s official, You can now play Steam games on your TV! That is if you’re happy taking your PC into your front room to do so.

steambigpictureSteams Big Picture is a controller optimised version of Steam for those of you who prefer gaming on your sofa than in your grotty gaming dungeon amongst old food wrappers and dirty dishes. It’s as simple as taking your laptop, or PC into the front room, connecting a HDMI cable, and playing all your favourite Steam titles on your big screen (I say simple, but my PC has a terrible tangle of cables hidden behind that I dare not touch never mind moving the entire thing into the front room.)!

Gaming isn’t the only focus of Big Picture, you can also surf the web (as shown in the video) and chat to your Steam buddies!

steam big picture daisy

Big Picture is definitely a step in the right direction with it’s “first person” browsing and easier than pie typing system aptly named the Daisywheel, that uses the controllers joysticks to select the letter group and then pressing the corresponding coloured button to select the letter. It’s clean user interface has been given kudos by the bucket load too. It’s UI is very similar to the Xbox 360’s UI but without all of the terrible in your face advertisements.


steambigpictureThere’s promise of more great features to come too, PC users can get their hands on the beta version of Big Picture today.

Could this be the beginning of something huge? Let us know in the comments!

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