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Simpsons AppThe Simpsons: Tapped Out appeared on the App Store out of nowhere and skyrocketed to the top of the free apps lists, and with good reason!  It’s all of the characters you know and love with an addictive and very fun game play style that is very familiar.

Long story short; Homer allows the power plant to go into melt down and blows up Springfield.  It is then your job to make him rebuild Springfield however you want it to be!  photowhole though the game is very pleasant, unbelievably addictive and graphically beautiful.  The best bit for me though has to be the notifications.  Instead of the standard iPhone tri-tone to notify you that something has happened, you get Homer saying something really amusing.  So if someone you have added as a friend on Origin, (the EA game networking service), visits your Springfield, you phone will buzz a notification with Homer saying, “Aah, visitors! Better put on pants.”  Always brings a smile to my face!



With the smooth comes the rough though, and I do have a couple of quibbles with the game.  Some of the times to build houses or perform tasks are unbelievably long which can be a bit of a drag.  Also, the game has a tendency to crash a fair bit as it’s very popular and it seems the servers can’t handle the traffic at the moment!



Those points aside this is a truly fantastic game, I’m loving every second and constantly find myself checking it to see if anything has changed!  It is only available on iOS at the moment and I’ve no idea if it will be available on Android.  It’s completely free, so pick it up, have a lot of fun and feel free to add me on Origin to view my Springfield so far, zero-friction.

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