Multiple games

Often in our gaming lives we are overwhelmed with more than one game begging to be played. The reasons for this can be many, as a shopping spree, a christmas offering, or simply having more than one gaming system. Regardless of which one it was, they are there to be played! Facing more than one possibility, we normally can’t just simply choose one and leave all others waiting in line. Playing all of them at the same time causes us often to forget keys, combos, special moves, the history of the game, the next action in a mission, etc. We find ourselves lost amidst all the possibilities!
However, don’t despair, as there are ways to cope with this! Here are a few tips:

  • Reduce the number of possibilities
    Although you want to play all of them, if possible reduce the set of games. If the number is 5, try taking 2 out leaving you with just 3. How to choose which ones to remove? Filter with your personal preference (e.g., game style, release date, sequel to a previously played game). Also, try to see what your limit is.
  • Use a paper notebook to keep track of things
    Most games show you the last mission or the mission objectives; allow you to run the tutorial again, or other help mechanisms to get you back on track. However, games track what they want to track, not what may be more important to you. When playing a game, write down things that are most important and that will help get back into the game as soon as you return to it (e.g., who are your friends, where were you going, your most used combos, the item you were looking for).
  • Play evenly
    Try to keep the amount of time and effort evenly partitioned through all the games, otherwise you’ll focus more on ones and leave others behind. The ones left behind will be harder to return to as time passes.
  • Set fixed objectives for each gameplay
    Each game you play, you must play focused and setting specific objectives to the gameplay. For example, reaching a certain area, defeating the level 3 bosses, find the missing item. Also establish a time deadline. This will help with the play evenly part also.

Have some tips of your own that you would like to share? Let me know about them!

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