I’m a big fan of Choose Your Own Adventure novels and now the world has started to go digital along comes a wave of Choose Your Own titles that are bringing a whole new experience to these type of stories.

Warlock’s Bounty is one of them. You play as a mighty wizard who was once an apprentice to the sorcerer Corax Whiteraven guardian of the land of Lloegyr. You’re approached by Whiteraven’s family who have an urgent message from the sorcerer. It turns out that Corax Whiteraven is in danger and you’re the only one who can help!

What makes this adventure game/novel different is that battles are played with a series of cards that you pick up throughout your adventure, with these cards you can build a deck with the best spell and weapon combinations to defeat your opponent.

The game itself is simple to read and understand how to play. It features great artwork and original studio produced music and sound effects to add a brilliant dynamic to the game play. You can also choose to put it down as and when you wish because your progress is saved along the way so you won’t feel pressured to keep going until you reach a checkpoint.

This first story is called Revenge of the Sorcerer and was written by Jonathan Green.

Check out Warlock’s Bounty for yourself on Google Play, there’s also a lite version so you can try the game before you commit to purchasing!

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