Skid and Slide Around the Track With Drift Mania Championship 2

driftmaniaI was really hoping that Drift Mania 2 would be amazing, I love nothing more than skidding and sliding around corners on games like Asphalt and in some ways I wasn’t disappointed with DMC2 but in other ways I was.

Drift Mania Championship 2 is the second game in the Drift Mania Championship series by RatRod studios and in this instalment they’ve added some great new features such as an online multiplayer so you can challenge your friends at drift races.

DMCPlayers can choose to start a drift career, compete in different tournaments, or play against a friend using the online multiplayer mode. Players can also upgrade and fully customize their cars with different performance upgrades and visuals. There are over 60 achievements in the career mode that players must unlock to proceed to the next challenge and for iOS users challenge drivers from all over the world using the Game Center leaderboards.

At first the game lived up to everything I hoped, the graphics are great and the soundtrack is pretty neat too but I was soon to discover the one thing that in my opinion lets this game down – the game play. DMC2 is incredibly hard to play, I often found myself loosing control of the car and sliding all over the place, at first I thought it may me down to the settings so after a little adjusting I had another try. It didn’t help.
dmcPlayers can choose from a few different types of controls, for the steering you can choose either tilt steering or an on screen steering wheel, and for the acceleration you can choose from a slider or on screen pedals. After a short while of testing each control style I went with the pedals and the tilt steering. It helped a little, but I still found myself crashing into the barrier on occasion.
What DMC2 is lacking is the ability to auto accelerate  because having to tilt my phone, accelerate and break, and try to use the handbrake at the same time becomes a bit of a fuddle and I’ve almost dropped my phone onto my lap on a few occasions.

Overall though, the game itself is great. I can totally understand that this game requires more driving skill than just push and play, but there’s a point where a game can become too difficult and unfortunately Drift Mania Championship 2 is one of them. It may just be me and my terrible driving skills though, you can see for yourself my amazing attempt at drifting on the video above… Try it for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments!

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