echofonIf you follow @echofon on Twitter you may have noticed that they published a tweet with a link to an Alpha version of the quite popular iOS, Win, and Mac Twitter Client Echofon.

Echofon is a fairly basic Twitter Client, it doesn’t offer any fancy options such as the ability to schedule tweets, it’s just a nice, clean alternative to Twitters own app.

ScreenshotI’ve been using the Echofon Alpha for a short while and it’s not bad. It’s fairly functional, it’s got the choice of two different themes; Dark or Bright – personally I prefer the bright version, it looks a lot more cleaner than the Dark. This particular version is ad supported, but you can close the advert while browsing through your tweets (it does re-appear as soon as you switch screens or re-open the app). It has support for multiple accounts and what notifications each account will receive  as well as the option to sync with your desktop version of the client.

ScreenshotIn terms of functionality, there are a few bugs, it takes a short while to fetch tweets and then a little more to get the avatar – but as a twitter app it works just as good as Twitter’s own app.

Overall I think the app still needs some work, yeah it’s an Alpha so it’s still in development but if I look at it as an overall product I’m not a fan. It’s a little too basic for my tastes and feels a little amateur, and the advert is just plain annoying – once you’ve removed the ad using the tiny ‘x’ in the corner it does improve the overall appearance but if they’re planning on offering an ad free version, I don’t think I’ll be buying it.

Unfortunatley the link that @echofon tweeted no longer works, so if you’d like to check out Echofon Alpha for Android, check out this review by richxiong that also included the link to his Dropbox at the bottom.


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