Ezio & Altair back-to-back

With Assassin’s Creed 3 only four days away I thought I would take it upon myself to give you a brief history of the past four games. Because let’s face it there’s not enough time to replay the games now.


***WARNING*** Some information may be considered a spoiler if you haven’t played the games listed below.


Assassin’s Creed:

altairThis is Altaïr, he is the first assassin you play as. He is missing one finger to make way for a hidden blade that is concealed on the under side of his forearm. He was raised to be an assassin from birth and by the age of 24 reached the rank of Master Assassin. Early in 1191 Altaïr was sent on a mission to retrieve a Piece of Eden with Malik and Malik’s brother Kadar. Altaïr attacked the Templars who had beat them to the Artifact, and was quickly thwarted and tossed aside whilst the other two assassin’s were left to fight for their lives against the Templars. Altaïr escaped and returned to the Assassin order to tell his Mentor – Al Mualim of his failures and how both Malik and Kadar had been killed. As he said this Malik returned barley alive and a very bad looking arm, but with the artifact. He told Al Mualim of how he managed to flee but that his brother had been killed and that it was all Altaïr’s fault. The attack on the Templars forced them to attack the Assassin stronghold of Masayaf. Altaïr and two other Assassin’s performed a leap of faith as to make it look that they were not afraid to die, but this was all part of a plan. Altaïr snuck behind the Templars and climbed a tower behind them and released a torrent of logs on them, killing many and forcing them to retreat. Altaïr thought he had redeemed himself but he had not. After the Templars left he was dealt with by Al Mualim by being stripped of the rank of Master Assassin and made a Novice but was also able to redeem himself by killing nine Templars in return he would be made Master Assassin again. Once Altaïr had killed the last man, Robert De Sable with his last breaths he told Altaïr how he was used by Al Mualim so that he could keep the Apple to himself. When Altaïr returned to Masayaf to confront Al Mualim he found everyone in a trance, including fellow assassin’s who attacked Altaïr. He dispatched of them with the help of Malik and made his may to Al Maulim. Al Mualim told Altaïr of how he wanted to use the Apple to ensure absolute peace. Using the power of the Apple, Al Mualim made copies of himself to aid him in his fight with Altaïr. One by one Altaïr managed to kill each copy so to only face the real Al Maulim, he killed him with his hidden blade and the Apple activated projecting a globe with markers of the whereabouts of other Pieces of Eden. Altaïr was then made Mentor of the Order and so ends Assassin’s Creed.


Assassin’s Creed II:

young ezio

Ezio Auditore da Firenze is the main protaganist from Assassin’s Creed II. The game this time starts with the birth of Ezio and fast forwards to when he is 17 years old, chasing girls without a care in the world. He is part of a noble family in Florence, a family of bankers. Or so it seems. The game really starts when his Father, Giovanni and two brothers, Federico and Petruccio are arrested whilst Ezio is running an errand for his father. Ezio finds them held in a cell at the top of Palazzo  della Signoria. His father tell him to carefully return to their home and go to his office, behind the fireplace is a secret room with a chest, take everything and deliver a sealed letter to a family friend Uberto Alberti. after delivering the letter Ezio was assured that his family would be released the following day. The next day Ezio found his father and brothers in stocks waiting to be hanged, with Uberto overseeing the execution. Ezio’s attempt to stop the hanging was in vain as he watched the floor leave from underneath his families feet. Ezio tried to exact revenge for what had happened but was stopped by guards and forced to flee. Ezio used his new friend Leonardo da Vinci to repair a hidden blade found in his fathers chest. Once repaired Ezio tracked down Uberto and stabbed in several time in a blind rage in front of many people. Ezio then announced that the Auditore family were still alive through Ezio. He was forced to leave the city of Florence and made his way to the Tuscan town of Monteriggioni with his Mother and younger sister, Claudia. They met Ezio’s Uncle Mario and took shelter there whilst on their way to Spain to protect his Mother and Sister. Mario later informed Ezio of his Assassin heritage, but Ezio chose not to believe it and wanted to continue to Spain to ensure his families safety. Later Ezio realised that him being at Moteriggioni was causing it o come under attack and because of this Ezio accepted the knowledge of the Assassin’s. Mario trained Ezio in swordplay and the way of the Assassin’s. On his journey’s Ezio came across a piece of Eden. But it was stolen from him when injured. The Young Assassins Spent most of his life seeking revenge on those who betrayed his family, All of which leads to Rodrigo Borgia the now Pope of Rome. I took Ezio approximately 30 years of his life to tech the pope where his final battle began. Rodrigo used another Piece of Eden against Ezio, much like what happened to Altair, Rodrigo was able to manipulate Ezio’s body. Ezio overcame the pope by using his fists rather than his arsenal of weaponry. With the pope defeated Ezio used his staff to open up a hidden tomb. Upon entering the tomb Ezio was faced with a holographic image of a woman called Minerva, she spoke of Those Who Came Before. And then began to speak to Desmond Miles through Ezio, all of which left Ezio confused and filled with questions, ending Assassin’s  Creed II.


Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood:

Ezio BrotherhoodThe game picks up exactly after Assassin’s Creed II with Ezio, now a Master Assassin fleeing from the Vatican with Mario. They climbed a tower overseeing the Tiber where Mario instructed Ezio to drop the Apple into it. Ezio chose not to for all the unanswered questions he had from meeting Minerva and gave the Apple to Mario to keep safe until the time was right. Ezio and Mario retired to Monteriggioni with Ezio’s battles won he could finally enjoy the life he never knew. The following day The Papal armies laid siege to Monteriggioni lead by Cesare Borgia, the son of Rodrigo. Ezio maned the cannon’s on the ramparts as Mario lead a group of mercenaries to flank Cesare and his army. Cesare breached the gates and as Ezio raced across the rooftops he saw a severely injured Mario crawling in front of Cesare. Cesare ‘invited’ Ezio to Rome and then pulled the trigger on his gun killing Mario as Mario lay dead Ezio was shot by an arquebusiser falling from the roof. When Ezio woke and was dragged to safety he made his way to the Auditore Villa and then to the secret escape route with remaining townsfolk and his mother and sister. Monteriggioni was flattened and Cesare stole the Apple that Mario had kept safe. Once he had made sure they were safe Ezio began his journey to Rome but on the way he passed out on the back of his horse. Once he woke Ezio found that all of his wounds had been treated by a mysterious woman on the outskirts of Rome, with no recollection apart from what the woman had told Ezio and that was that he was dropped off by a man who said nothing with new robes for once he woke. The main story is Ezio trying to overthrow the Borgia’s. During his quest Ezio sets up a hidden den and he begins to grow and recruit like minded people who are ready to fight the Borgia oppression. Ezio is given the rank of Mentor whilst in Rome and chose to make a move on the Castel where Rodrigo and Cesare were having a meeting. Ezio watched as Rodrigo attempted to poison his son, but in retaliation Cesare murdered Rodrigo. Cesare fled and Ezio entered to give Rodrigo a blessing before he passed away. Rodrigo told Ezio of where he had put the Apple and as he passed away Ezio raced to the Apple and managed to retrieve it before Cesare could. Later Cesare was arrested by the new Pope, Julius II and proclaimed that no chains could hold him and that no man could kill him. Ezio later became concerned about Cesare outburst and used the Apple to see if what he said could be true, his fears were confirmed. As time moved on the Apple stopped supplying Ezio with information and it was indicated to him that it must be locked away to give the next generation a chance.  Eventually Ezio found out that Cesare was in Viana, they fought on the battlefield and on the walls of the castle. The fight ended with Cesare again reminding that no man could kill him. Ezio said he would leave it to the hands of fate and threw Cesare from the battlements of the Castle.


Assassin’s Creed Revelations:

Ezio RevelationsAssassins Creed Revelations starts with Ezio making a pilgrimage to Masayaf to learn more of the way of the assassins, in particular his spiritual mentor Altair. Upon arrival to the city he found it deserted and in ruins. As Ezio made his way towards the the Former temple of the assassin’s he was ambushed my a team of Byzantine Templars. Luckily before being hanged Ezio managed to escape and fled into the battlements. Upon retrieving his weapons and making his way through the temple Ezio came across the sealed door to Altair’s library and was told that he must retrieve keys to open it. Ezio tracked down the Templar captain who lead the ambush in Masayaf who had a journal in his possession listing the location of all the keys. Upon locating the Templar a badly injured Ezio managed to overpower the templar, kill him and take possession of the journal. After Masayaf Ezio made his way to Constantinople. Upon departing the boat he was greeted by the local assassin guild leader Yusuf Tazim. Yusuf informed Ezio of the current situation in Constantinople and gave him a tour of the city. Ezio was given a new Hookblade by Yusuf, it is part hook and part blade. Ezio located a secret passageway underneath the former trading post of Niccolo Polo now owned by a Venetian bookseller Sofia Sartor. upon investigating the cavern Ezio located his first Masayaf Key. In an attempt to befriend the Prince Suleiman Ezio dressed as a Minstrel to gain access to an event where an attempt on the Prince’s life was to take place. Ezio stopped it and thus created a friendship with the Prince. Ezio was tasked to locate and find the man who organised the attempted killing of the Prince. Ezio established that it was Tarik, captain of the Janissaries and in charge of the protection of the Prince. Tarik was spotted exchanging weapons with Manuel Palaiologos one of the most influential Templars in Constantinople. Saleiman instructed Ezio to kill Tarik and so Ezio set out to do as he was asked. Upon assassinating Tarik, Ezio learnt that he was working to stop the Templar Manuel himself. Ezio asked for forgiveness from Tarik and delivered the news of his mistake to Suleiman.Eventually Ezio gained four more keys for the Masayaf library, and headed to Cappadocia to confront Manuel and his accomplice Shahkulu. Ezio killed Shahkulu and detonated the cities explosives, causing chaos. Ezio found Palaiologos and killied him retrieving the fifth and final Masayaf key. On returning to Constantinople Ezio returned to Sofia’s book shop finding it ransacked. Ezio also found the body of fellow assassin Yusuf who he instructed to watch over Sofia in his absence. Ezio swore vengeance over anyone who crossed the Assassins. Ezio planned to ambush Ahmet, Uncle to Suleiman and heir apparent to the throne whom also revealed his links to the templars in Cappadocia. Ezio upon finding out that Ahmet held Sofia captive atop of the Galata Tower was forced to swap the keys in exchange to retrieve Sofia. Once Ezio reached her it was revealed that it was a decoy and that Sofia was down below in a courtyard being hanged. Ezio parachuted down and successfully saved her. Next Ezio chased down Ahmet who made his way towards Syria and to Masayaf. Ezio chased down Ahmet in the countryside and a fight began. During the fight both men fell from a cliff fighting as they hurtled to the ground, Ezio managed to subdue Ahmet and used a parachute land them safely. Once both men had brushed themselves off Ahmets brother, and Suleiman father the Sultan had arrived with an army and strangled his brother and threw him from a cliff. He spared Ezios life because of the input he had in the fall of the Templars in Constantinople.

Ezio traveled to Masayaf with Sofia and unlocked the sealed door to Altairs library. Upon entering Ezio found the remains of his spiritual Mentor in a chair where he had waited to pass. Ezio was faced with another Apple but chose not to take it as he had seen enough for one mans life. He removed his bracers and lay his sword on the ground when the Apple emitted a light when Ezio passed a message through centuries to Desmond and told him to make all of his Sufferings worth while. Once done, Ezio was now a free man. Old, broken but a man with a chance of a normal life.


This ends a brief history of Assassin’s Creed, which has actually turned out to be quite long. Let me know in the comments below what you are most looking forward to in Assassin’s Creed III and what you’ve enjoyed on the past four games!

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Demetri Ermak

Actually, the original story didn’t make much sense. But later on it was beautifully weaved into the whole mystic story of the AC history, and they even made remarks about “sloppy Animus 1.0” as in stating that yes, first take wasn’t that good!
But oh dear, did they catch on as series progressed. I’m so in love with Revelations. The characters are interesting, the Constantinopole looks great, I can’t wait to finally lay my hands on AC3 =)