2D Multiplayer battle platform game Awesomenauts by Romino Studios has recently seen the reveal of some new DLC, entirely in the form of new skins for our ever so loved Awesomenaut combatants! Although these new skins do not affect game play, these new textures do add a new, more enjoyable experience whilst playing as the character of your choice!

Awesomenauts These skins vary for each character, meaning a single set theme isn’t applied to the entire entourage of characters. This not only shows off the work that went into the update, but it also helps preserve the individuality of each character which is something I believe to be one of the selling points of the game.
Other new announcement that has been made is the potential introduction of a new Awesomenaut! Like the character of Gnaw, little information has been given, so it’s only time before we are graced with a trailer. News on Twitter has revealed that this new character has been described as a ‘Space Viking’ whose voice acting has been supplied by someone the gaming community has come to know and love! This person being the one and only Simon ‘Honeydew’ Lane, one of the CEO’s and presenters of the Yogscast, the 15th largest YouTube channel in the world, which attracts of 3 million views daily! Now, don’t be surprised to hear that this new character will have a Scottish twist, and from my knowledge, I can guess that this character will be a melee tank class, a type of character the game has yet to see.


The future of Awesomenauts is a bright one, and I can only guess that the cast of Awesomenauts will continue to grow into a huge family of hilarity and explosions, with more and more maps being made available to help expand the already high playability of the simple but phenomenal game. For those who have yet to play Awesomenauts, it is available on Steam, Xbox Live and the PS Network for around £7.99. Give it a go and have your say on the future of the game!

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