Following the 1.8 Update for popular 2D Multiplayer platform game Awesomenauts, Romino Games have revealed that the latest edition to the character list is the elven sniper called Raelynn.


She has been described as being able to deal huge amounts of damage from a great distance, with contacting shots being able to take out the surroundings of said poor soul in her scope. Her abilities include a time rift grenade which allows her to slow down time and create some cover for herself against enemy fire. This ability is similar to Yuri the cosmonaut’s time rift ability in which a circle around him will spawn and slow down time. Anything that enters will be affected whereas Yuri remains unaffected. Raelynn can also produce something called a ‘protoblaster’. No specific details have been given, but it may involve her rifle morphing into a different type of gun which produces more damage.

By the sounds of things Raelynn looks to be an alternative to the Awesomenauts of Yuri, who is all about dealing his damage out from a distance. This is not the type of new character I was expecting to see, but it is a welcome addition, simply due to my love of Yuri (who I refuse to stop playing as). Raelynn has not been described as having any healing abilities, meaning that those who want to play as an effective healer are restricted to Voltar.


From the sounds of things Raelynn will likely make an interesting character, but I do have my worries. Since she can attack from ‘great distances’, this may mean that players may be able to exercise a case of dealing damage from behind the turrets. This would not only protect her from pretty much all incoming fire, but also allow her to take easy pot-shots at the enemy.
Also new to the 1.8 Update is the  Halloween theme! Screenshots of maps have been revealed to feature the typical spooky theme of Halloween, with pumpkins, the darkness and tombstone playing a very evident role. I am especially interested to see if the maps have been completely re-textured for the update, including the turrets themselves. I can’t help but feel that shooting at a huge mechanical turret in the middle of a haunted mansion themed map is going to give off the same feel as something like a giant zombie arm coming out of the ground (or something to that effect).

Only time will tell what will fully be included with the new update, who’s released date has not been stated. All we know is that it’s coming soon, likely within the new few weeks. Have a go yourself by purchasing Awesomenauts from Steam, Xbox Live or the PS Network now!



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