AwesomenautsRomino Games have yet again released a new character into the world of Awesomenauts, this time in the form of a large, metallic, Scottish Viking!

The Character of Skolldir has been voiced by Simon ‘Honeydew’ Lane from the Yogscast, whose voice acting has easily caused the character to settle in beautifully with the humour of Awesomenauts. A downloadable skin is available for Skolldir, and it shows Romino Games interpretation of Simon’s Honeydew skin from Minecraft in which he is undoubtedly mostly recognised by! (Both his large ginger beard and tank-like burly chest are included in said skin).


Skolldir is one hundred percent tank, which is essential because up until now we have only had two tank-like characters, Clunk and Derpl. Both of these characters use their immense firepower to overwhelm opponents to gain ground, whereas Skolldir uses his fists! His default attack is a simple punch, but the purchasable abilities include an earthquake causing ground strike and a grab and hurl ability which not only pushes opponents behind him, but also stuns them. His double jump simply screams Honeydew, as a jet rocket located around his rear gives the impression that the characters flatulence provides him with the necessary agile jumps. Now being a tank he is rather slow, but the shear amount of health and damage he possesses makes him not only a fitting member of the


Awesomenauts family, but also a necessary piece of arsenal which should be used by any team.

Now since the mystery of the new Awesomenaut has been solved, it is now on my mind with what could be next. We’ve had a damage dealer in the form of Gnaw, and a new tank in the form of Skolldir. If I were to put my money on it my guess would be that the next introduction to Awesomenauts might come as a healer. In the game only Yuri and Voltar have healing capabilities, with Yuri’s being minuscule, so in order to add that extra variety for those who play as the healer (I certainly don’t!) a new character with those abilities in an absolute must. Only time will tell if Romino Games agrees with me, or if in fact I’m completely wrong, making me look like a massive idiot (the latter being more likely).


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