BandApp an Awesome New Way to Connect With Your Fans!

BandApp an Awesome New Way to Connect With Your Fans! - n3rdabl3

Mobile phones are everywhere nowadays, we’ve all got one and we all use apps like Twitter and Facebook on a regular basis. What’s missing though is a decent place for bands to connect with their fans all in one place. Hopefully though, BandApp will change all of that.

BandApp is a place for bands to add all of their information, news, songs, and pictures all in one east to navigate to, mobile optimised site.

First you sign up with your band name and email address and then you begin designing your app-style personalised web page with a pre-made background or design their own.

It’s all very simple and easy to use, each part is done step by step so no knowledge of website creation is needed.

BandApp an Awesome New Way to Connect With Your Fans! - n3rdabl3

Also because the “App” isn’t actually an app, it’ll work on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry.. Anything..

80% of the look of the App/page is fully customisable, from the backgrounds to the heading image of each page.

Bands can link their SoundCloud and iTunes accounts so fans can download or play their tracks via their BandApp page, they can also add the usual stuff such as Photo’s and their YouTube URL’s.

There’s also areas for the band to add recent news, list their latest shows, and add links to their Facebook Pages or Twitter accounts.

The fans can also bookmark the bands BandApp page and whack it onto their phones home screen so they can access the site just by tapping the icon!

Overall this is a great way for bands to engage with their fans without having to update their Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and anything else – being a bassist / musician myself I actually really love this idea it’s simple enough for anyone to use and has everything all in one place.

The great thing about this too is that even though it’s designed for Smartphones, it also works as a normal web page where you can play the bands tracks that they’ve uploaded to SoundCloud.

I made a fairly basic app/page just to test it out, you can find that here –