Battle Pets are Coming Soon to Dark Blood!

Battle Pets are Coming Soon to Dark Blood! - n3rdabl3

Dark Blood the free-t0-play hardcore-action-arcade-brawler-MMO will be getting some exciting new features just in time for Halloween. For those of you who don’t know Dark Blood takes on a Street Fighter-esque style of game play that’s as satisfying as tenderising a steak. Customise your character with a range of different outfits and armour (or not so much for the female characters), then jump right into the game and hack, slash, and smash a series of different mobs to create crazy combo’s!

These new features come in the form of Battle Pets that can cast wicked spells and become your best friends! You can play with them, fight with them, even go Trick or Treating with them… Adorbz!

Battle Pets are Coming Soon to Dark Blood! - n3rdabl3

Battle Pets each come with their own unique form of attack such as a pulsing area of effects that scorch enemies, firing spit balls to take down the baddest of bosses, and clearing dungeons with spin attacks that smash up mobs.

The target date for the Battle Pets update and trailer should be next Thursday the 25th, but if you keep and eye on their Facebook Page you’ll see a sneak peek at some of the Battle Pets before the update is launched!

You can also download Dark Blood and experience the action packed MMO for yourself from

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