Blocks That Matter

blocks that matter

Blocks That Matter is a great little puzzle game that features a little robot that’s attempting to rescue it’s somewhat familiar developer creators. The game itself takes on a classic platformer feel which in my opinion makes this game great. Through out the game the little robot that the players control upgrades abilities at the end of selected levels which helps the player progress as well as return to older levels and complete previously impossible tasks.

The game is simplistic and easy to get to grips with and has a slow learning curve when it comes to learning new abilities and utilising them in the game which goes along perfectly with the game’s challenging puzzles.

Blocks That Matter a Rather Square Puzzle Game.

To sum the game up, characters named Alexey and Markus have been kidnapped by “The Boss” and their only way to escape is for the little Tetrobot to complete different levels of challenging puzzles to aid their escape. Each level involves the Tetrobot to either headbutt certain blocks a-la-mario or (once the Tetrobot has upgraded to that point) drill through them, the block is then collected by the Tetrobot in a similar way to Minecraft to later enter the build mode to build a sequence of 4 blocks to aid the little robot in completing the level.

Each level also has a secret chest in an almost impossible to get to position adding an extra challenge to each level.

Blocks That Matter a Rather Square Puzzle Game.During your adventure you’ll come across weird slimey amoeba type characters that can destroy the Tetrobot if you come into contact with them more than once. Oh and watch out for the Big Mama, she’s a quick one.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this game and though at some points it became frustratingly challenging in the end you’ll be kicking yourself at how obvious the solutions are.

You can find Blocks That Matter on Steam for £3.99!

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