Build and Manage a Heroic Village with Dungeon Village for Android and iOS

Build and Manage a Heroic Village with Dungeon Village for Android and iOS - n3rdabl3

Kairosoft have to be one of my favourite game developers and with games like Game Dev Story and Mega Mall Story it’s easy to see why.

In Dungeon Village players take the role of the new mayor that has taken over an old time RPG style village and your aim is to make it the most popular, profitable village within a 16 year goal. You begin with a simple tutorial explaining the basic rules such as how to build new facilities such as Inns, Weapons stores, and houses you then start getting new characters that want to visit your village. During their stay they help bring profit and popularity to your town by defeating the monster hoards that plague the lands adjacent to your growing town.

Build and Manage a Heroic Village with Dungeon Village for Android and iOS - n3rdabl3Players must manage each aspect of the village such as giving presents to the visiting warriors and adventurers to earn their happiness and respect and essentially bribing them so they want to live in your village, using different items you’ve earned along the way by defeating monsters and looting haunted houses to upgrade your stores and inns, and awarding the top adventurers with medals so they can change roles and earn more experience.

Like most Kairosoft games, Dungeon Village is quite an in depth game if you’re into checking stats and profit reports, but can also be played casually if you just want to send teams of adventurers into different quests to earn your village the much needed respect to advance to the next level.

A new feature in Dungeon Village was the Cauldron, this is where you put different items into a cauldron to earn different magic points like Fire, Ice, and Lightening and as well, unlock or create new items such as a Fire Axe or an Ice Sword.

Build and Manage a Heroic Village with Dungeon Village for Android and iOS - n3rdabl3At the end of the 16 year reign as mayor you’re awarded Clear Points, this is the overall high score you’ll receive once all of the popularity and quest points are tally’d up. You can then choose to continue the game on a casual “whatever you earn from now won’t count” basis, or you can choose to start again from the beginning to beat your overall high score.

Overall I really enjoyed this game, it a little difficult to understand how to improve on your monthly profit margin, but it was fairly easy just to pick up and play and enjoy the main aim of the game. I think the most annoying part of the game is that it was fairly difficult to keep on top of giving each adventurer the most optimum weapons and armour so they performed their best when tackling tougher monster gangs. I often found myself with all of my adventurers down while little monsters just danced around their tired bodies. Other than that though, It’s an AAA game that’s really worth the few quid to download and play!

You can get:
Dungeon Village on Google Play
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