Call of Duty Black Ops 2

bloPicture the scene, a war hardened veteran called back into action after a leave of absence. War may of changed but the rules are still the same. I am that war hardened veteran, and by war hardened I mean I’ve played alot of Call of Duty in the past. I waited 2 hours to experience the new Black Ops at Eurogamer Expo this year and you best believe it was worth the wait, what you read next is going to be a lot different to the usual Call of Duty based posts that you may see out there. This is a story of a player who turned his back on Call of Duty, on war & and on the freedom of his team depending on the game mode he was playing.

So, it was my second day at Eurogamer Expo 2012 and today was the day that I would play Call of Duty Black Ops 2, for you the reader.  Now as a little bit of background I fell out of love with the Call of Duty series when Black Ops originally came out, the reason? I pre-ordered it and played too much before all of my friends had it at Christmas. I tried to relight the flame we once shared with Modern Warfare 3 but again that did not work. So instantly I was skeptical of Black Ops 2, I do have to admit that the trailers did look good so it was a positive start.

Now to the good stuff, as I mentioned before the queue to just play 2 online games was 2 hours long, but even whilst queuing the TV’s set up gave valuable information on what to expect from your ‘Create-a-Class’ and what was new (ooo new) As the queue lessened and i got closer to the front excitement began to grab hold of me and then it happened I was at the front, ready to load up and move out. Myself and a group of other lucky player were lead to what looked like a circular military intelligence table that you would see in films with holograms acting out the battle. This sent me into a fully fledged hype. I donned my turtle beaches and picked up my controller and was given very little time to create a class. The game began and the map was what seemed to be a shipping district with shipping containers, lorries, forklifts and cranes. When the game loaded up and my fellow team mates spawned around me it seemed like we were a rather small team, on closer inspection it turned out we were playing what seemed to be a new game mode where it was actually four teams of 3. The game started and i thought to myself that I would ease my way back into Call of Duty by taking it slow and easy so as I made my way through the small office area and out the other side I was faced with my first enemy it was kill or be killed. Lets just say my trigger finger has some serious muscle memory, I was like the John Marston of the new age, so there it was my first kill. And then another, then I was faced with two enemies it got a little harder at this point I quickly switched to my crossbow (yeah) and planted the bolt on one guy who blew up and ran around a forklift hoping not to be killed by the second. I swapped back to my rifle and dispatched of him only to be killed by a player using the height of the containers to his advantage.

I was hooked now, it was game time. I sprinted back to where I was killed and threw a tactical flash bang to where my killer was, but he had moved. I used the height to my advantage and killed a couple of people  and assisted many. Generic UAV’s were called and I’m pretty sure I may have got an airstrike too. The game ended with our team in 3rd place with me at the top of the team with 12 Kills and 12 Deaths, I was pleased with the result but knew that I must improve in the next game.

This time I felt like I had a lot more time to tweak the Create-A-Class that I had already started in the first game. The new thing added this time was the ‘Wild Card’ feature where it lets you say pick a second perk from the same perk group, this is at the risk of something else. Say maybe you want to have stopping power and hacker (I’m not 100% sure if they’re in the same group but you get the picture) you may choose to get rid of your side arm! You could even have up to 3 attachments on your weapon, I opted for this: Silencer, quick changing ammo and an reflex scope. I was cooking with gas now!

The second game began and it was the same style; four teams of three. This time we played at a map that was quite frankly a metro/train station (WITH ACTUAL MOVING TRAINS). The game commenced and as I turned the corner I was greeted by the end of someones very friendly shotgun. So it was a good start. The game picked up as I found my way around the map and alot of the action took place outside on the train platforms and on the bridges that ran over the lines. Towards the end of the game our team took First place and now the pressure was really on. We swapped places several times with second place and it was a hard fought match. The game ended and we were in second I was petty proud of myself and then I checked my stats. 23 Kills and 12 Deaths I was impressed with how well I had really done and as the screen went dark and I put down my controller and headset I knew that I had certainly fallen back in love with Call of Duty.

Hopefully this rather long write up of Call of Duty was as interesting to read about for you as it was exciting to play for me. Also if your’re reading this and you are in the same position as I was in before playing the game I would strongly recommend just getting the game, it was fun and felt more real than the previous games even though it’s set in the future. If you were at Eurogamer too and managed to play Black Ops 2 I would love to hear what you thought of it in the comments below, If not let me know what you’re most looking forward to about Black Ops 2, and keep your eyes peeled for more news on Call of Duty and other games.

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