Cube World is in Need of a Name!

Cube World is in Need of a Name! - n3rdabl3Cube World developer wollay is now looking for people to suggest a new name for his 3D Cube RPG game that’s for a while now been known as Cube World.

I think it’s time to choose a new name for Cube World. I’m not a native English speaker so it’s hard for me to judge if a name sounds good in English or not. So I would appreciate any name suggestions. Please try to consider the following things: – The name must not be copyrighted or trademarked. – It should not contain the word ‘Voxel’, ‘Cube’, or ‘Craft’ ;) EDIT: Also no ‘Block’ or ^3 please. :) – I think it’s good to have a combination of English words without fantasy words. – It should sound like an epic action RPG from the 16-bit era. :) Feel free to post any suggestions here or send me an email. Thanks for your help!

Cube World is a voxel-based exploration RPG where everything is made out of brightly coloured cubes. Wollay started development of the game way back in June 2011 and the game has come a long way since. Cube World is in Need of a Name! - n3rdabl3Cube World (as it’s currently known) will feature many of the key things that RPG’s contain such as different classes like Warrior, Ranger, Spirit Mage, and Rogue each of which will each have it’s own unique features, not only that there’s a huge range of monsters and creatures, all made out of cubes – obviously, and cube NPC’s that’ll offer a range of quests for the player to complete. Players can also craft their own armour and potions as well as own adorable little cube pets. From what I’ve seen in videos and pictures, it’s going to be a truly great game. The game play itself seems polished enough, and Jesus.. you can even fly using a cube hand glider! There will also be the ability to host your own Cube World server so you and your friends can go exploring caves and mountains to see what you can find! There’s no date as to when Cube World will be released, but Wollay is currently designing a new homepage for Cube World as well as working on finalising the games menu’s, character creation, save slots and much more. I hope to see a release of this soon, but for now I’ll just have to deal with refreshing wollay’s blog every day to see if there’s anything new.. Be sure to leave a comment over on this post if you’ve got a name for Cube World!

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