Doom 3: BFG Edition review.

Welcome back to hell. The classic id Software shooter is back, leading up to the twentieth anniversary of the series and in stunning HD DOOM 3 has been released just in time for Halloween so prepare yourself because when you play this you will jump out of your seat – a lot.

Before I get into the review lets start from the beginning and see what made this such a success. The first DOOM game was released for PC in 1993 and was one the first shooters to have full 3D environments and the BFG 9000 and all you doom players know what that means. This game was extremely controversial because of the violence, gore and demonic symbolism – it was even used to blame violent behaviour (for example the Columbine shootings). Anyway enough of the negatives about the game lets get to the positives and why that this was a revolutionary game for the FPS genre. DOOM was the first shooter to have online deathmatch which set the standard of all shooters in the 90’s and beyond. The first chapter of DOOM (knee deep in the dead) was shareware so you could try the game out at first and if you liked it you could buy the other chapters. This was used in a lot of pc games in the 90’s. DOOM was also one of the first games to allow players to mod levels which set the standard for the PC modding community, one of the most popular mods was the Aliens mod because originally, id software wanted to create a game that was like the Aliens film. One successful mod was created by Justin Fisher, it took him six months to create it and includes the alien enemies and weapons such as the pulse rifle and the smart gun.

One year later they released their sequel titled DOOM II it was more or less the same as the first one the only difference was that there was a new weapon – the Super Shotgun which is the double barrel shotgun that would appear in other id software shooters.

Now they are up to the third instalment of the series which was originally released in 2004, it was considered to be a technical marvel in gaming down to it’s graphics. They were considered to be the best graphics on the original Xbox and the PC and even eight years later in high definition it still holds up.

Lets start with the presentation of the game, they have revamped some of the textures so they are bit more clearer and so they can withstand HD, some character models have been altered slightly – they still look a little polygon but they still look good. The lighting has been redone so you can actually see what you are doing, because in DOOM 3 on the original Xbox you could not see a thing so it was basically shoot anything that moves, but some could argue that added to the tension. Doom 3: BFG Edition review. - n3rdabl3

The sound in this game is fantastic with building up tension because it is a mix of ambience and music that really makes you hesitant to look around the next corner. When I was playing through this game (I have a good sub speaker that has good bass) it made the atmosphere in my house completley different and because I play it at night to add that fear to it, it makes me paranoid (especially with subtle sounds in my house at night) because that’s how this game gets you, with the sounds of floor panels popping out you expect to see a monster and nothing emerges you get scared and confused and you are thinking where the hell is the monster. I don’t have 5.1 surround sound but I have played it in 5.1 and I would suggest experiencing it because it adds more tension with the subtle sounds of demons grumbling and if they are behind you it will make you check behind you in your room.

The gameplay in this shooter goes back to the classic way of playing a first person shooter there is no ADS (aiming down sight), no regenerating health the reason why it’s not there is to be realistic. I like that they have released this because it shows players that haven’t played DOOM and Quake (why not) what shooters were hard and they encourage exploration of levels, because if you have low health you need to scavenge high and low for health packs and armour.

I think that this is a breath of fresh air with shooters because like counter strike which re-appeared in august on PC, Xbox and PS3 is that you don’t need to aim down sight you just line your shot and shoot. This game is your standard corridor shooter that you move level to level and shoot anything that gets in your way, but its not as predictable as to where the enemies are going to come from like in Call of Duty for example. Enemies will come out ventsDoom 3: BFG Edition review. - n3rdabl3, floor panels, walls, and they warp behind you!

You are still able to carry the ridiculous amount of weapons as you were from the first two games and yes as the sub title suggests the BFG 9000 is in, of course it had to be or it other wise it wouldn’t be a DOOM game. Weapons range from your classic pistol, shotgun, super shotgun, minigun, and plus you get the assault rifle, plasma rifle, and ancient artefacts that will help you battle the ancient evil. The only problem that I have with this game is when you are selecting a weapon it takes too long because there is no hotkey or favourite weapon feature but it was made before all that really happened. One of the best additions to this game is the fact that you can now shoot and see in the dark with the armoured mounted torch because in the original you could only have you torch and gun out at one time which made the gameplay a bit slow at times but this is a welcome addition.

It’s a good game for what you get because you don’t only get the original doom 3 campaign you also get the resurrection of evil pack and you get a bonus eight levels titled the lost mission. So what are you waiting for go out and by and for the first time playstation owners can experience doom 3 it’s good price £29,99 or on PC £19,99. I give this game a 4 out of five, it’s a decent game you get what you  paid for it has it’s teething issues but once you get over that you will enjoy this game especially for the new comers to the series. We all hope that this is the lead up to DOOM 4.