Expect 4G Network Over Some of the UK on October 30th Thanks to EE.

A brand new network will be coming soon to the UK and it’s main feature is the UK’s first 4G LTE Network and should be available in some parts of the UK on October 30th. The new network is called EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) and is also the main network that own Orange and T-Mobile.

Expect 4G Network Over Some of the UK on October 30th Thanks to EE. - n3rdabl3EE have stated that it should have successfully covered 16 UK cities by the end of the year, so those of you who’ll be getting an iPhone 5 for Christmas should be seeing the 4G capabilities right out of the box. Not only that, they display 6 other 4G capable devices on their website, the Galaxy Note II LTE, the Galaxy SIII LTE, the Nokia Lumia 920, the Nokia Lumia 820, the HTC One XL, and the Huawei Ascend P1 LTE.

If you have no idea what 4G is, well you’ll be in for a treat, that is if your device has 4G capabilities. 4G is the next generation of mobile internet, it promises to be faster and more reliable than the current 3G connection available to us in the UK. 4G has been around in the US for some time but under the LTE pseudonym, there has been mixed reviews on 4G connections and also reports that the current HSDPA+ is pretty close already to the speeds EE are promising with their 4G connection.

It’s also been reported that those of you with contracts on Orange and T-Mobile won’t be able to just get the 4G connection, because even though Orange and T-Mobile are a part of the EE network, you’ll still need to take out an entirely new contract with EE – don’t fret though, because EE have promised that they’ll make the transition easy.

Expect 4G Network Over Some of the UK on October 30th Thanks to EE. - n3rdabl3

It’s not all been going too smoothly though, some users on twitter have been reporting their new iPhones and other devices on Orange and T-Mobile are already being switched to the EE network without warning, and those that have received the text aren’t too happy about it.. Not only that, many users tweeting that they’ve got no signal at all.

Other competing networks should be able to launch their own 4G networks sometime in the new year with two network bands being put up for auction (800MHz and 2.6GHz). There’s no specifics on whether the competing networks like O2 and Vodafone will require you to take out a new 4G capable contract or buy a new sim, but I’m sure during Q1/2 of next year all will become clear.

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