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Everybody who plays games online knows about the stigma that’s attached to Facebook games. We’ve all been spammed with Farmville and Texas Hold’em invites to the point where we have kind of just put Facebook games as far in the back of our minds as possible. Yeah, I know there’s a select few of you who still play some Facebook games and that’s great! But I’m talking to the mass majority who’ve just forgotten about them.

I’ve noticed a lot recently that more and more games like Song Pop and Draw Something are trying to heavily integrate Facebook into their games, and not only that, while visiting the Eurogamer Expo there was a large selection of really good games that are or will be coming to Facebook exclusively. I personally think that’s fantastic, but will the mass of other people who shudder at the thought of playing a game on Facebook take to these sort of games?

I really hope so!

merlinI’ve written before about games like Merlin the Game and DV8, both of which are really great games and I was very surprised to hear that these games will be coming straight to Facebook and will remain there, and with that I hope that people who begrudge playing games via Facebook will actually accept that FB games are really becoming something great and welcome the next generation of social gaming!

With Facebook just reaching over 1bn users it’s easy to see why developers are deciding to head to Facebook to host their games. Players can sign up to each game with the click of a mouse and there’s no longer any need to fill out a huge registration forms, web browsers have become more than capable to display games in more detail and there’s no need to download anything to get the game to work. It’s these user friendly, one-click features that I think make games on the most popular social network so appealing to both hardcore gamers and those of us who have no idea!

Personally I think Facebook will not only hold the title for the most popular social network but soon also hold the title for the most popular gaming website. That’s just my opinion anyway!

What are your thoughts on Facebook games? Do you think you’ll take to the next generation of games coming soon to the social network? Let me know in the comments!

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