Get the new Tumblr Photoset iOS App!

Get the new Tumblr Photoset iOS App! - n3rdabl3

“It’s hard to imagine Tumblr without photos, and we love the power a set of photos has to tell a story” said the Tumblr Staff blog post announcing their new Photoset app.

I am one of many who use or have used tumblr in the past and since 2007 it’s come a very long way from a small time blogging platform right up to the big leagues. As of July this year Tumblr has over 64 million blogs and it’s now not only become one of the best places to share pictures, it’s almost become a social network in itself.

Those of us that use Tumblr probably have the Tumblr App on our iPhones or Android devices and though it may be functional, it’s not quite perfect just yet. Tumblr is probably one of the main places people share their photo’s, right up there with Facebook but the one main thing the Tumblr App is lacking is the ability to upload Photosets, a feature that’s also relatively new for the website itself.

The Tumblr Staff blog announced today the launch of their new app Photoset, a simple and easy to use app where users can upload several images in a photoset, re-arrange the photo’s and post directly to their tumblogs from their mobile phones – great!

You can get Photoset right now on the App Store.