Indie Royale’s Fall Bundle, Five Games for £3.06 …So Far.

Indie Royale’s Fall Bundle, Five Games for £3.06 …So Far. - n3rdabl3

If you’ve taken a few minutes to open your curtains and look out of the window, you may have noticed that the leaves are changing colour and that weird mixture of drizzle and sunshine is here and of course we all know what that means… Autumn!

It’s also time for Indie Royale’s Fall Bundle!

Players who donate a minimum of £3.06 (at time of writing) will get their hands on five games to play on either Steam or Desura (some are playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux). These games are as follows:

To the Moon – A Sci-fi/RPG adventure game from Freebird Games where players control two doctors from the future, Eva Rosalene and Neil Watts. They’ve been tasked with fulfilling their clients’ life-long wishes using a technology that creates artificial memories, enabling them to die at peace. It sounds very similar to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! Players must complete a series of “light puzzles and arcade sequences and focuses on a moving and quite compelling tale”.

Oil Rush – Oil Rush offers a unique experience of a Real Time Strategy game mixed with the insane fun of a tower defence game. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world that’s covered in water (damn icecaps), where oil is limited and is “fiercely sought after by the remaining factions of humans who have survived” – sounds like life as we know it but with more water.. Players take the role of a young commander who is the leader of an underwater army set out to conquer bases to acquire oil from the enemies. take control of units and defenses by carefully allocating troops to attack the strongest enemies while defending the platforms conquered.

The Blackwell Deception – An adventure game from Wadjet Eye Games, The Blackwell Deception is a strange one involving a medium Rosangela Blackwell (Rosa) and a spirit named Joey who follows Rosa around. In this game players must help Rosa investigate supernatural incidents along with Joey who helps spirits move on to the next world. The game has been praised for having “excellent voice acting, witty dialogue and interesting characters”.

AVSEQ – “Is a unique audio-visual sequencer that takes the structure of a color-matching puzzler”. The goal is to trigger a set number of notes before time runs out by matching colors and over time building a song.

Reprisal – Reprisal is a real time strategy game where players ultimately play God and conquering the most land in an attempt to get re-build their prior glory. The more land they conquer the more their people will rebuild!

I’m a huge fan of these indie bundles & as soon as I’ve been paid, I’ll be all over that!

Fancy getting yourself these 5 awesome games for just over £3? Check out the Indie Royale site