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Killing Floor has been a popular zombie shooter available on steam for quite a while now, and it’s been recommended to me by a ridiculous amount of people. I thought it necessary to finally dive into the game and give it a go for myself, and here’s what I think.

Killing Floor- What I Think - n3rdabl3
First of all, I found the game to be, initially, quite thrilling. I joined a mid-game lobby which was under a heavy assault by around sixty zombies. The team were welding doors up, funnelling the horde into a small and narrow killing zone. That is the thing that most stood out for me in Killing Floor. The fact that the game encourages players to stop and think to assess the potential routes they could expose to make killing the zombies as horrific but still efficient as possible. This little thing helped all of us to communicate, which can be quite a difficult thing to do on video games, especially for me. I’m not one for game chat unless I’m with friends, but Killing Floor simply embeds in your mind that if you do not work with your team, then you’re not going to be in it for very long.
Killing Floor- What I Think - n3rdabl3 The weapon selection is impressive, but not massively extensive. The highlight for me was saving up   £4000 to buy a fully automatic shotgun, a weapon which I feel many video game companies under estimate. But aside from that, nothing else caught my eye. There seems to be a very present 50/50 split between guns and melee weapons, which has allowed the game to cater for the different styles players may wish to undertake, much like Team Fortress 2 I felt. The price of these weapons were quite mind blowing, because it seems that in order to get one of the better weapons, players may have to stick with the default pistol for a few rounds, then hope that a kind player will supply them with a couple £100 to afford something that can hold back the horde. Other than that, you have to slowly ascend the hierarchy of weapons before you reach something worthwhile. This slow climb up the gun ladder really does slow down the pace of the game, which brings me perfectly on to my most crucial problem with this game.

Killing Floor- What I Think - n3rdabl3
This game, despite the huge amount of zombies, feels incredibly slow! The large time gaps in between rounds used to visit the in-game vendor seem to be far too long for players with as little patience as me. A lot of time is spent stood around waiting for the next round, which in the ends just gets frustrating! There is also no sprint option in Killing Floor, so for those of you looking to go into battle running and gunning, dream on. The slow walk around the map does not make you feel as if you’re in the zombie apocalypse, and for a game centred around zombies, that’s not really the best thing that could have come out of it.
In the end, I find that Killing Floor is not a game that I can sit down and play for hours on end, but rather a game in which you go to for a quick play about for fun, and not in the more conventional competitive sense. Now of course this is clearly my observation, and to fully understand Killing Floor the best you could do is buy it.

Check it out on Steam for around £14.99, or pick it up right now for just £3.74 until the 6th of November!

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