Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC – The Biggest Yet!

Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC – The Biggest Yet! - n3rdabl3Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble from Bioware revealed in an interview some details about the forthcoming DLC for Mass Effect 3 that’ll be coming out on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on November 27th.

Titled Omega, a familiar name to those of you who’ve played Mass Effect before, is quoted as being “basically double the size of the largest DLC that we’ve done for Mass Effect 3” and along with that comes a bit of a higher price tag.

In this single player campaign expansion players will get to team up with Aria T’loak – previous Exotic dancer and previous Omega ruler (until she was forced to make the difficult decision to leave the station in exchange for Cerberus to not destroying Omega level by level), to take control of the Omega station from Cerberus control. Most of you will recognise The Omega Space Station from Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC – The Biggest Yet! - n3rdabl3

Those of you who read the Mass Effect 3: Invasion prequel comics will already know about the Omega take-over and will also be familiar with Cerberus general Petrovski who was also introduced in the Invasion comic.

Along with new characters like Petrovski you’ll also come across some new enemies such as the Cerberus dragoons.

There have been reports that this campaign actually featured in Mass Effect 3 before it’s release, but was taken out before release. ” The missions were originally included in early versions of the game’s script, before being excised (and presumably expanded) for use in a separate DLC pack. An image of Aria T’loak’s squadmate icon was actually broadcast during an official BioWare Pulse video” According to Eurogamer.

We’re unsure whether the description of this DLC being “basically double the size” means file size or length of the campaign, one thing we can be sure about is that it’s going to be awesome. What’re your thoughts?

You’ll be able to download the Omega DLC on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 for 1200MS Points (around £10) and should be available by November 27th.