Merlin the Game | A Fantastic Casual RPG Coming Soon to Facebook.

Merlin the Game | A Fantastic Casual RPG Coming Soon to Facebook. - n3rdabl3For those of you that’re a huge fan of the Merlin TV Series, why not dive in to this fantastic RPG where you and your friends can take part in quests and adventures to keep Camelot safe!

Merlin is a free to play game that’ll be launching around the same time as the fifth season of Merlin on BBC One that airs tomorrow at 19:45.

Players create their own characters for the game and can decide whether to have Arthur or Merlin as their mentors, optionally they can also choose to mix swordsmanship and magic. Players are then required to complete different quests and missions set to them by different NPC’s from here you can choose to go it alone, or have a friend or two join you along the way. The great thing about this game is that I’d consider it as more of a casual MMORPG that isn’t as hardcore as World of Warcraft for example. Players can take part in different quests as and when they wish and can easily jump in and out of a game.

I was lucky enough to speak to one of the lead developers of Merlin The Game at the Eurogamer Expo, he showed me through the game and explained some key points as we went along. I was also able to find out a lot more about the future of Merlin The Game.

Merlin the Game | A Fantastic Casual RPG Coming Soon to Facebook. - n3rdabl3

They informed me that the developers are fully working with the Merlin TV Series and actually features a lot of the main characters within the game.

So far the game is primarily going to be on Facebook, but the developers have informed me that they’re planning on reaching out to mobile devices and perhaps consoles if they can get the funding. Though the game is free to play, their are special in game assets that players can purchase to enhance their progress, but I was made aware that the in game purchases aren’t necessarily required to progress further in the game (unlike some other free-to-play games).

Personally I’ve never seen the Merlin TV Show but that didn’t stop me enjoying the game. The game play was simple enough for anyone to get the hang of, and unlike bigger named MMORPGS you weren’t required to do a ridiculous amount of things to complete a quest.

Bossa Studios have done a fantastic job of creating a great RPG that anyone can get into, and as soon as the game becomes available, I’ll be playing!

You can find out more and sign up for the game at

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