Happy Halloween fellow n3rds! It’s that time of year again where we get messy with pumpkins, eat orange and black cakes and candy & ignore the doorbell because you’re too socially awkward to interact with the neighbourhood kids – well in my case it is. Anyway, it’s also the time to wrap up warm and get your game on, and if you’re really brave you should play one of these games that I think are perfect for a spooky Halloween evening!

limbo1, LIMBO – We’ll begin with a relatively fright free game. LIMBO is a creepy side scrolling puzzle game that’s perfect for setting the mood on a Halloween evening. The game has no dialogue or narration, but from the game description you’re meant to find the boys sister. The boy is the character that you control though different puzzles and quick thinking challenges. I absolutely love this game but throughout the whole game I found myself with my mouth open in shock and awe, I think :

FEAR DVD box art2, F.E.A.R. – I should have really expected this game to be frightening purely on the title alone, but I didn’t. F.E.A.R. probably scared me the most because I wasn’t expecting it. This game shat me up on numerous occasions thanks to the occasional need to use a torch in the most narrowest corridors / air vents, these such scenarios enabled that creepy little dead girl in the red dress to appear just as you switched the torch on only to disappear moments later leaving you to try and swallow that lung you just coughed up.

slender3, Slender – Personally, I’ve never played this and to be honest I never will. I’m terrible with tense situations, and knowing something may or will eventually jump out at me, I won’t play or even watch games like this. My only experience is watching one of our writers Anthony do a live stream of himself playing Slender over on our Twitch.tv channel and seeing his reactions was enough to put me off giving this game a single thought.

mickey4, Any early 90’s console game – Okay, it’s not “waaahh” scary, but in a way it is. For those of you who remember the SEGA Megadrive, or the SNES you’ll also remember the inability to save your progress. This was probably the most frightening thing from my childhood; managing to get super far on Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and losing it all by not jumping at the right time and getting owned by that dumb toy nut cracker.

what are your favourite or most memorable scary / frightening games? Leave a comment below!

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