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As a photographer I was most looking forward to the huge updates to the iPhone’s cameras.  Safe to say I haven’t been disappointed.  8MP rear camera with 30FPS 1080p video, and 1.2MP front-facing camera with 30fps 720p video!!  That is truly incredible technology to be shoved inside a telephone.  I remember when I got my first “proper” mobile phone, it was a Sony Ericsson with a 3MP camera and a CMOS sensor!  Again, incredible, but Apple’s latest toy makes the photos from that look like children’s drawings!

With improved video stabilisation and manual (tap-to) focusing in both still photos and video, you can look forward to your social networking feeds to explode with incredible photos and video.  The only cameras out there at the moment which shoot better video in my opinion are the high-end DSLRs, and quite frankly I’d be surprised if they didn’t!  I compared a video I shot of my cat with my iPhone to a video I shot of her using my Mother’s Canon 1100D, and I must say I somewhat prefer the iPhone.  With it’s less invasive nature she seemed to ignore it a little more than she did the DSLR.  Yes, you can do more with the DSLR when it comes to lenses etc, but as an out of the box experience I’d go with the iPhone!  It’s also a lot easier to just have in your pocket, and as Chase Jarvis says, “The best camera is the one you have with you.”

My camera bag consists of my DSLR, lenses for it, and generally a couple of 35mm film cameras.  Now that the iPhone is just so good at taking photos I won’t feel so annoyed at myself for missing a photo opportunity with my DSLR and having to resort to my phone.  And might I add, my Instagram is suddenly becoming a lot more hi-res!!

Watch out for future articles from me as I shall be using my 5 to take photos, and I have a couple in the pipeline which won’t just be screen shots!!  I’m absolutely loving the iPhone 5, and the photographic capabilities of it are the cherry on the cake!

NB. I shall get the video off my the DSLR when I can, and upload it for you all to see!

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