Ravaged is an awesome fast paced 32-player online FPS designed specifically for the PC where players are thrown into a Borderlands style post-doomsday world. Battle both on foot and in vehicles in a beautifully designed world with a variety of different weapons and vehicles that players can use to get advantage over the enemy.

Ravaged began as a Kickstarter Campaign where indie developers 2 Dawn Games were asking for a $15,000 total to finalize all of the publishing material for Steam, finish production of the trailer, fund beta testing equipment, and complete overall development of the game. As you might have guessed with the game being released on Steam and many other platforms yesterday (17th) that the goal was reached, infact they exceeded their $15,000 total and received pledges of over $38,000.

ravaged screen

Ravaged features over 30 vehicles and weapons, amazing post-apocalyptic maps and 10 classes to choose from, and battles that range in players from 16 (8v8) to 64 (32v32). There are also several different game types including a Team Deathmatch, Thurst – A capture the point type game where each point you capture allows team mates to choose to spawn closer to the action. the game is won when a team captures all control points preventing the enemy team from respawning, then either holding it for 60 seconds or eliminating all remaining enemies, and Resource Control – Similar to Capture the Flag, players race out and try to take the enemy’s fuel supplies. Capturing control points closer to your opponents fuel supply will give you the advantage over your enemy because you’ll spawn much closer to their supplies.

Ravaged is out now for £15.99 on  SteamRain Digital Games2DawnGamesGameStopGamers Gate, Origin, and GameFly.

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