Sanctum – Not as Good as I Expected..

Sanctum – Not as Good as I Expected.. - n3rdabl3

When I first heard about Sanctum I couldn’t wait to play it. A game that has both First Person Shooter elements mixed with Tower Defence style game play, what could be better?!

Sanctum begins with a rather simple tutorial showing you the basics on how to place base blocks and then load things into them like Gatling Guns or Elevators and then how to upgrade and remove the towers, then the tutorial shows you the menu that descrives what wave of monsters is next, it also inclused the weak points of each type of monster. Once you’ve completed the simple tutorial you’ve got the choice to either play a single player game, or just jump right into an online game.

Sanctum – Not as Good as I Expected.. - n3rdabl3I opted for the single player game to begin with and it was fairly simple, you are given a large open arena with a bunch of different squares for you to place towers into. Like with most tower defence games, you can manipulate the monster wave’s direction of movement by placing blocks in the way of the path giving you more time to launch attacks on the oncoming swarm.

I thought I did a good job at creating a maze loaded with different weapons so I went for it. The first wave was easy enough, fairly basic monsters that most of my towers took care of, I also joined the battle with one of my 3 weapons I began with. It was fairly simple, and even though I fell off the blocks a couple of times I didn’t receive any damage from landing in the center of the swarm, just an exagerated “UGH” when I was bumped out of the way.

Sanctum – Not as Good as I Expected.. - n3rdabl3After a few rounds of this game I realise that 80% of the game-play was running from one point to another so you can get a decent enough vantage point over the enemy swarm. It soon became rather tedious so I decided to go ahead and play the multiplayer to see how that went.

Boy, was this awkward. Multiplayer is pretty much just the single player game mode but with the added annoyance of 3 other players also placing blocks and weapons all over the place, so if you go in with a plan to create an awesome maze, forget about it, the green player has already placed 5 random blocks and an elevator right in the center of the arena.

I really hoped this game would be as awesome as it sounded, but from this I’ve kind of realised that you’ve either got a great FPS or a great Tower Defence game – not both.