Say “Bye Bye” to Facebook and Twitter for Xbox 360

Say “Bye Bye” to Facebook and Twitter for Xbox 360 - n3rdabl3

It’s about that time where everyone starts adding new things to their user interfaces just in time for Christmas to make their consoles more appealing than others and Xbox 360 have just launched their new Dashboard complete with Internet Explorer app.. Yayy (I think?).

Those of you with a keen eye may have noticed that Facebook and Twitter are no longer available on the App Market because Microsoft have decided to retire the two social networking apps. “We are retiring the Facebook and Twitter apps. Xbox LIVE subscribers will have the ability to access these sites through Internet Explorer on Xbox, available through the Web Hub located on the new dashboard,” a Microsoft representative told Neowin.

Never fear though, those of you who have previously downloaded the Facebook and Twitter apps will still be able to use them! Those of you who haven’t, you can use the new Internet Explorer app to check your latest tweets, Facebook feeds, and our site! This is probably the main reason why Microsoft has decided to retire the two apps.

Did you ever use the Xbox 360 Facebook and Twitter apps? Let us know in the comments!

Note: I’m yet to receive the latest update that includes IE, and it seems that I’m not alone. Have you received the update yet?