Skyrim: Hearthfire Now Available on Steam for £3.49

Skyrim: Hearthfire Now Available on Steam for £3.49 - n3rdabl3Xbox 360 owners already know about the Hearthfire DLC but for those of you who don’t; Hearthfire is a new DLC for Elder Scrolls: Skyrim where you can purchase land to design and build your own home within Skyrim. You can start small with a one or two room cottage all the way up to a full blown mansion showing off all of your accolades and rewards from your most fearsome battles.

Perhaps a little similar to Minecraft but with much better graphics, you can use new tools like the drafting table and carpenter’s workbench to transform quarried stone, clay, and sawn logs into structures, chairs, and tables the possibilities are almost endless!

Don’t feel like collecting resources to build your home? No problem why not hire a steward to do it, you can now delegate steward’s to buy supplies, provide transport, and even have your own professional bard!

Hearthfire also comes with a new adoption system for players to adopt children so you and your spouse can finally make your house a home!

You can download the Hearthfire DLC now on Steam for only £3.49 so what’re you waiting for?