Star Wars X-Wing the board game.

Star Wars X-Wing the board game. - n3rdabl3Tonight I had the distinct pleasure in playing my first ever game of the Star Wars X-Wing board game.  This is a game set in space where you pilot model ships around to complete missions.  The mission we played tonight was destroying the Death Star by blowing up the exhaust vent, which is just about the same size as a Womp Rat!

The game is played using pre-built and pre-painted models of Star Wars ships.  In the starter box you get the rules, three ships, stat cards, dice, scenarios and more.  The game is quick to pick up and incredibly enjoyable.  Star Wars X-Wing the board game. - n3rdabl3You plan your maneuvers, move your ship accordingly and then shoot if you can.  Each ship has it’s strengths and weaknesses, and each pilot has their own strengths and weaknesses.  The game is based on a points system and each pilot is worth a certain amount of points dependent on who they are.  Example, Darth Vader is worth more than Rookie Pilot B!  You can then boost your ship with droids and weapons upgrades and so-on.  Every pilot can make a certain amount of attacks and a certain amount of defences.  These can be altered using modifiers from the pilot’s own skill or from droids!  Example, R2-D2 adds an extra dice to your defence roll, which gives you a greater chance of avoiding being shot down.

Star Wars X-Wing the board game. - n3rdabl3

As well as the starter box that includes two Tie Fighters and one X-Wing, you can buy expansions of additional X-Wings/Tie Fighters, Advanced Tie Fighters, (like Darth Vader’s ship), Y-Wings, and future releases such as the Millennium Falcon and A-Wings!

After playing this tonight I will be buying into it come pay day and starting myself out with my own Rebel fleet.  I cannot truly put into words just how much fun I had and how I’m itching to play again on Sunday when I see my friends!  If you’re a board game fan you must have this, if you’re a Star Wars fan you must have this, and if you’re a board game loving Star Wars fan you absolutely must have this!!

So remember to lock your S-Foils into attack position, and may the force be with you.

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