Tiny Troopers Developer Interview

As you all know, the EuroGamer Expo has just drawn to a close in London. I only managed to be there the Sunday with Aaron and his Mrs. (A mistake I will not be making again – all four days next year!). This year, I got the amazing opportunity to  have a chat with Chris Carver (@chrismcarver) , the Marketing Manager of Kukouri, who have recently released the game – Tiny Troopers.

Tiny Troopers Developer Interview - n3rdabl3

 First of all – I want to thank Chris for everything he said, showed, and the chance to look at such a great game.

For those of you that haven’t given Tiny Troopers a shot yet, it is a game currently released on Windows and Mac on Steam, and the Apple App Store. When I asked Chris about an Android release (as I own a Samsung Galaxy S2), he said that it was to be released on Android within the next month, possibly in two weeks time. I suggested a release for Xbox Live Arcade, and the response was, “If we get the funding, we can certainly look into it”. Someone sponsor them! PLEASE!

I just asked him a few questions relating to the game and its reception. While interviewing him, he was playing it on the iPad just to give me an idea of what the game is like.

Chris: I’m just gonna load up some Zombies right here.

Me: Is it just Campaign and Zombies or is there Multiplayer too?

Chris: Just Zombies and Campaign. Campaign has 30 missions, about 14 hours of gameplay. Zombies just has unlimited playability. It’s always changing.

Me: Are there any set locations or a set story-line or is it all random?

Chris: Random locations, none of them actually named. Most of the storyline is pretty random missions too. It’s very similar to Cannon Fodder.

Tiny Troopers Developer Interview - n3rdabl3

Me: Are all the characters the same?

Chris: Nope, some units have special weapons; One of them has a big machine gun. The three main units that are named (see above) can be upgraded with the use of credits earned in game.

Me: I see you just picked up some dog-tags, are they a sort of collectable item?

Chris: No, they’re used to boost your points up and buy air drops of health and weapons.

Me: Is there a possibility of add-on missions or DLC?

Chris: There’s always a possibility.. We haven’t stopped supporting Tiny Troopers, just yet.

Me: I know that you’re a team of 5, but are there any other games in the works at the moment?

Chris: We do have a project in the works but it’s as yet, unannounced. Half of our team are still working on improving Tiny Troopers right now.

Me: Tiny Troopers has been out for just over a month now, how happy are you with the reception it has received? Is it good?

Chris: We’re very happy with the reception, it’s all been good. On Friday (The 28th), we hit 500,000 downloads, so yeah. Very happy.

Me: With the reception it’s received, do you think you might follow it up with a sequel?

Chris: Maybe, we just need to see what we can do.

Me: Ok, well thank’s alot for having this chat with me Chris, it looks like a great game!

Chris: No problem, thanks for stopping by

I will hopefully be getting my hands on Tiny Troopers sometime in the near future, so expect to see a full review of it soon, with some more in-depth information on the game!

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