Tryst, A New Real Time Strategy Game from BlueGiant

I’m not a huge fan of the Real Time Strategy game genre, the fact that it has the word strategy in the title lets me know that games like this are going to need me to put some thought into it, I’m the sort of person that’d rather switch off when I play video games.

That aside, Tryst is a relatively new sci-fi RTS that pits humans against an alien invasion by the Zali that has left the planet Ishtonia IV in a state of civil unrest. Unfortunatly it’s not a very unique plot, and neither are some of the overall appearances of the game and those of you who do get a chance to play Tryst, you may get the feeling that you’ve seen some aspects of the game before in a very popular Blizzard eSports title.

Tryst, A New Real Time Strategy Game from BlueGiant - n3rdabl3So onto the game itself, it pretty much takes on the same play style as every other RTS game, the main objective of each mission (for humans anyway) is to gather troops, gather resources, and build a killer base. You’re then, like with most games of this genre, once you’ve accumulated a small army away you go exploring the terrain, eliminating any alien creatures / bots / airships you come across until you reach your final objective which is usually an enemy compound of some sort. Oh and did I mention the occasional hostage rescue?

Though some parts of this game doesn’t spark much originality, the RTS genre in my opinion doesn’t really need to be changed or revolutionised, for those of you who enjoy RTS games you may agree, but where else could and RTS game go from here?

Tryst, A New Real Time Strategy Game from BlueGiant - n3rdabl3Unfortunately for those of you who enjoy playing single player games you’ll be disappointed with this game because it seems as though BlueGiant decided to put most of their time and effort into creating a great multiplayer. Yeah, it’s something we’re all focusing on at the moment and with games such as StarCraft and League of Legends being at the top of the genre why not focus on the multiplayer experience.

The multiplayer experience by far out weighs the campaign, again though, it’s no different from any other RTS, you build your base and it’s defences, capture as many resources as possible, build a huge army and attack the enemy. You can decide whether to play PvP or Co-Op with you and other players working together against either AI enemies or other players. Unfortunately though the multiplayer lobby is pretty derelict. I was lucky enough to join whilst someone else was waiting in the lobby, by the end of the two games we played one other person joined and that was it.

The only real difference this game has to the other games in the RTS genre is the Zali, they’re a weird mechanical alien race that are able to do something the humans can’t and that’s the ability to pick up these strange items that human and Zali players drop once they’ve been taken down. I’m not entirely sure what advantage this has over the Human race, but I think it may be a big one, because for some reason the Zali have a lot more power over human troops. Or maybe I feel that way because I’m terrible at RTS games.

Overall if you were looking for a decent subscription free alternative to StarCraft, I’d say try Tryst. It’s relatively fun to play but can become rather boring quite quickly. The multiplayer is the only exciting feature to this game but can also become repetitive and a little boring which is a real shame!

I’d also like to thank the player “karan” for having the patience to wait until I’d managed to build enough troops to fight against him & get some awesome screenshots!

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