This year at Eurogamer attendees managed to get their hands on a bunch of title’s for the first time in the UK before their official releases. Amongst the many games such as Assassin’s Creed 3 and Hitman: Absolution there was a new game from Crytek – no not Crysis 3, even though that did also make an appearance – I’m talking about Warface, a new Crytek original game that’s currently taking Russia by storm!

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Warface is set in the near future and will provide gamers with a constantly updated extensive “PVE” (Player vs. Environment) universe full of dramatic multiplayer co-op missions and a full set of class-based “PVP” (Player vs Player) game play. I spoke with Peter Holzapfel one of the Producers at Crytek at the Eurogamer Expo and he said that Warface “aims to bring Crytek quality for free” and should be available on PC for Europe and North America very soon.

At the Eurogamer Expo Peter informed me that the game had a very good reception and that players who were lucky enough to beat the queues and get hands-on with the game were surprised to find that Warface was a free-to-play title. Warface is currently available in Russia, and the free model of game-play over there is also very popular. What Crytek are aiming to do with Warface is break the stigma attached to free-to-play titles and show western territories that free-to-play games aren’t all that bad!

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Peter told me that free-to-play games give players more reasons to give FTP games a chance based off of trailers and hearsay without the fear of wasting money on a bad product. He also said that it gives developers more freedom to expand on their product based on user feedback without the need to jump through hoops to get updates and DLC approved by platform manufacturers such as Microsoft and Sony.

Back to the game in hand, Warface is a MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) that is of course, free-to-play, It’s also created using the CryENGINE 3 Technology, the same technology used in Crysis 2.

coop BalkansLike with most free-to-play titles, there’s often the ability to use real money to purchase new items, weaponry and armour  I asked Peter if their will be any of these features in Warface, he informed me that their are plans of introducing “convenience features” that players can buy with real money to help them progress through the game. An example he described was “resurrection points”, these will be on offer to those that play the core mode, similar to Search and Destroy in the Call of Duty series. Once players get killed, they remain that way until the end of the round, this can be prevented if the team work together and have medics on hand, but if not, players can use these resurrection points to respawn sooner and continue the game. There was also word of item bundles that players can purchase using currency earned within the game.

It was fantastic to get a chance to chat with Peter about this awesome new title that’s currently taking sign-ups for their closed beta that’ll hopefully become available to those of us who’re already signed up within a few months.

Make sure your username isn’t taken by signing up over at http://www.warface.com.


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