Greed Monger a Brand New Crafting Based Sandbox RPG Gets Successful Funding!


So it goes like this, Grab yourself a pot, take the crafting aspect of Minecraft but remove the pixels and the blocks, throw in a bit of Skyrim, add a dash of World of Warcraft, and then pour in a whole bucket of Kickstarter, shake it all up and leave it to settle over night and you’ll have something that looks a little like Greed Monger.

Greed Monger is (or will be) a free-to-play MMORPG crafting based sandbox game where everything you see in the game such as buildings and weapons you’ve crafted and built all by yourself. The first players who enter the world of Greed Monger can expect to find well.. nothing. It’ll be an entirely un-populated world where the players themselves craft the foundations of civilisation. The development of housing has been thought down to the finest details with things like books and bookshelves, tables and chairs, and even glassware being crafted and made by the players themselves.

greedPlayers can expect to almost take a journey through time by making basic tools made from bones and wood and fairly basic huts made from mud and hay until further down the line civilisation will advance to something a little more habitable.  The game itself will feature a unique dynamic quest system where players will establish towns, cities, inns, and much more.

Unlike games like Skyrim and World of Warcraft the aspect of looting is taken to a more realistic area with the activity of killing a deer leaves you with nothing but a couple of bones and maybe an antler or two bringing back the classic aspects of MMORPG’s. While on the subject of classic RPG’s in Greed Monger there’ll be no global chat, just an overhead chat giving the game more of a sense of community.

screenbSo, hopefully I’ve got you interested in Greed Monger but I can see you’re wondering what the catch is? There isn’t one, anyone can play the game without having to spend a penny, but those of you who want to get a foot on the property ladder may find that they’ll have to hand over a few $$$ – but everyone’s got to eat, right? Here’s a snippet from the Kickstarter description – Greed Monger will be financially supported by means of a Land Ownership System whereby players will be able to purchase Land Parcels for a price of $20 each for a maximum of 4 parcels per player (Parcel Limit Not Enforced During Kickstarter Campaign Only).

Greed Munger is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 to fund this awesome project, and even with 13 days to go, they’ve reached their target and then some! Their campaign is currently at a little over $46,000. People who back this Kickstarter campaign will find themselves receiving some neat bonuses from Land Parcels, to t-shirts and more!

You can check their Kickstarter right here.

grasslandshouseFrom what I’ve read about this game, it seems like it’s really going back to the nitty gritty, adding a sense of realism to the game even down to currency. Everything will be crafted by a player at some point in the game, from the beginning it may be a little slow, but I can imagine this game getting a real sense of “real life” with players casting themselves as merchants selling weapons to other players, even down to the stories you’ll experience during quests may have been written by a player at some point thanks to the ability to submit adventure ideas (from the Kickstarter Campaign – Player Written Lore Based On Adventures (Amazing tales will be told and submitted by players and guilds alike. These stories may be selected as part of the official Greed Monger Cannon).

There is so much more to say about this game, but it’s probably best left for you all to discover. Be sure to follow their twitter for the latest news on Greed Monger