The Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster Guitar, Perfect for the iOS Garage Band App!


I really thought I’d seen it all but clearly not! A few days ago Fender released the Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster Guitar and it’s available now on the Apple Store for a pretty astounding £159.95.

The USB Fender has all of the usual things you’d find from this standard Squier guitar from the usual pickup select switch, volume and tone controls, and even the bog standard guitar jack input. But what makes this guitar pretty unique is just below the guitar strap button is a new panel featuring a three quarter inch jack input for shredding your guitar through your headphones and a Mini USB (type B) input for plugging your USB Stratocaster into your favourite iDevice!

fenderThe Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster Guitar is compatible with your iPhone 4 and 4S, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th Gen, and the iPad 1 and 2. User reviews have also stated that it works perfectly on the iPad Mini with the pricey 30 pin to lightening input adapter.

What you’ll get with the Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster Guitar is obviously the guitar, a USB Mini-B – USB Type A cable, a USB Mini-B – 30-pin iOS cable, and a User Manual.

The product description is as follows:

The Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster Guitar offers bi-directional audio streaming and includes a high-quality headphone amp so that you can monitor the processed guitar signal right from the guitar itself. Thanks to the guitar’s own audio interface, you can record audio straight to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac – no additional hardware needed. And the analog output means you’re also free to use this as a standard guitar.

From the sounds of it, you don’t just need an iOS device or an iMac to make use of the guitar, if my musician brain is correct, thanks to the Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster Guitar has it’s own build in audio interface it should work on any computer PC or Mac (but don’t hold me to it!).

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You can find the Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster Guitar on the Apple Online Store.

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