The COD series makes another annual comeback, but this one doesn’t feel like an add-on like the Modern Warfare series. (I just know that I am going to get so much hate from that comment.)

Anyway Call of Duty Black Ops II is a fantastic game and should be the game to stop Call of Duty for a while because I know I’m not the only one who thinks that it’s getting beyond the joke with an annual release of a COD game.

I think that Call of Duty fans need to stop putting Treyarch down because every COD that I have played developed by them have been different each time compared to Modern Warfare who in my opinion, just copy and paste their products to cash in with the name.

The game’s graphics are fantastic and most Infinity Ward fan boys are always bitching about the Call of Duty games developed by Treyarch always have crap graphics. I disagree, I think the detail on the character models are well detailed – even down to the veins that on their arms – every bit of detail on the character is not over done. The battlefields in each level have rich backgrounds and great lighting especially the first level of the campaign where you are situated in Angola with the dry desert  and the long grass that you can use to hide from your enemies and ambush them. The graphics on the guns are well detailed even down to the lettering on the side or the back of the guns where you’s usually find the model and the serial number, but that sort of detail has been there for a while in the Call of Duty series. The sounds in this game are the best that I have ever heard, in most of the call of duty games most guns except for the sniper rifles sounded like pee shooters but in this game the guns sound like they have actual power that will kill a man rather than something that wouldn’t make a dent in a table.

The basic outline of this story is about how people (including the military)  have relied on technology too much. You’ll find that the army uses unmanned drones, planes and robotic tanks controlled by this particular form of technology. The thing that they don’t realise is – as Sgt Woods explains in the first trailer – “what happens when the enemy steals the keys?” Well all hell breaks lose across the world.

The story is written by the co-writer of The Dark Knight Rises which you can really tell because this Call of Duty game is more cinematic and there are more cut scenes rather than your character that you control acting as a camera man. The greatest thing about this games that it has branching story lines (the ability for the player to choose the outcome of certain parts of the game which then reflect on how the game is played out) and you will not be playing as the same character all the time, for one mission you will play as Alex Mason the character that you played as in the first game and then you’ll shoot through time almost and play as David Mason – his son. I won’t go any further with the story because it’s a amazing game that you need to experience yourself.

Call of Duty Black Ops II HijackNow into the meat of the game which is the multiplayer. This games online presence is huge! It has your standard online game modes such as TDM, Domination, S & D, but they have added in a few new game modes called Hard Point, Multi-Team, and those familiar with Modern Warfare 3 they’ve also brought along Kill Confirmed. With Hard Point it’s similar to Headquarters but your team has to keep hold a specific area that’s shown in the level. Unlike HQ the enemy team can contest the area so it’s a continuous battle for that particular hard point until the next one appears. Multi-team is something I would imagine that they have taken from HALO, don’t get me wrong it’s a breath of fresh air that they are doing these types of innovations because it works rather well in this game. So how it works is rather than having six teams of two you have four teams of three so when you have a confrontation with the four other teams it will turn into a hectic fire fight.

Call of Duty Black Ops II MeltdownAnother new addition to the multiplayer is how they have changed the create a class system and how they have done that is by introducing a point system where the players have 10 points to spend on each item whether that’s the standard primary weapon, secondary weapon, three perks, one lethal grenade, two tactical grenades and then two attachments on each primary, or you’ve got the next extreme where you can start the level using nothing but your knife and load up on perks. I think that this is a welcome edition to the game because it stops the over the top classes that they have had in previous games and instead of having pro perks they have features called Wild cards which could make you have another primary in place of the secondary weapon or you can have hardline and blindeye on at the same time, before you think that’s a silly thing, perks are also taken into account with the points system. The things that I missed the most for two years in Call of Duty are back – The Wager Match games although the COD point currency is no more, games modes such as Sticks and Stones, One in the Chamber, Gun Game and Sharpshooter are back on fine form but this time because of the absence of CoD points they’re now under the Party Games category and the best thing is – you can level up in these game modes. A good thing about this is that there is no longer a kill streak system because it’s now a score streak system, what this entails is that you have to collect a certain amount of points without dying to get the bonus whether that’s a UAV or a Care Package. This system reminds of the Medal of Honor title back in 2010 because it works in the same way which is that you score so many points in that life and you’ll get a rocket strike or a radar assistances I think that this is a much better improvement.

Call of Duty Black Ops II ZombiesWhat everyone expects from a Call of Duty game made by Tryarch is ZOMBIES! and yes they are back on fine form as ever but in my opinion I think that zombies have been done far too much whether that’s in films or video games, I’m not saying that I don’t like this game mode it’s I just think it’s time to shoot it in the head with a shotgun. Anyway back to reviewing this part of the game, my thoughts of this game mode is that it’s good but only for a short while and only when you are playing with friends. The two new additions that they have added is the 8 player zombie survival mode where you compete against another team. It’s like a score attack mode and the way you can win is if the other team doesn’t manage to survive. The other mode is Tranzit which is small campaign where you journey in bus from location to location, but all it is the levels that you can play on Survival mode and there is not much of a story to it unfortunately.

Overall this game is fantastic and is a welcome edition to the series rather it being a copy and paste of a previous game and I hope that Treyarch keep it up although I think this should be the one that they decide to stop for a bit before making another game.

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