The Damage So Far


Possibly one of the oddest games I’ve ever played, a game where you and thousands of other people chip away at ‘The Cube’. Made up of millions of tiny cubes you chip away at them to reveal the next layer. I was the 367,116th person top join and when I did the cube was a solid green colour. It started black and the layer underneath the green is red.

The game is very mysterious, as I said it’s you and alot of other people working together to whittle down the cube to get to whatever is in the middle. But there’s a twist! Only one person will experience what lies in the center of ‘The Cube’ (insert scary music and lightning)

The game is developed by 22Cans, and I’m pretty sure that this is their first game atleast released onto iOS. I stumbled upon this game in a very odd fashion when I typed in ‘Curious’ into the App Store search bar. I know very random… Or was it fate. Am I the one who will find what secrets of ‘The Cube’ (again, music and lightning)

The main problem with this game which is to be expected with 367,115 other players is connection issues. It took me quite a few attempts to connect and each time I was waiting anywhere between 2 – 5 minutes. Other than that issue which as gamers we have all come to the realisation that connections issues happen. We just accept it.

As you can see once you zoom in more you actually get alot of detail from the mini cubes, they shake and wobble and shatter like glass. And then when you zoom out you see the damage that you and other players have done. As you can see from the picture on the right everyone colonizes around the center of each face, whilst I prefer to take up a small patch and chip away. It really puts it into perspective once you’re done or you want to check your work that you see that you have hardly made a mark on it in comparison to the giant red circle getting bigger by the minute.

The game is more addictive than I expected it to be and I could easily see myself chipping away for hours at a time. You could sit there and go guns blazing as fast as humanly possible or you could just sit you iOS device down and casually tap when you want. It’s a game you can make as care-free or as competitive as you want. Available on iOS devices here for Free! yes all of this world wide online action is free so grab it now and hopefully we might un-knowingly pass each other on The Cube.

Let me know what you think of this little gem below.

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