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Insta webThe popular photo sharing application Instagram has always lacked something and that was the ability to interact with users online on the web away from the app. It has always been a possibility to view photo’s from Twitter or Facebook links but what if you wanted to follow that person and didn’t have your phone to hand? – tough titties, thats what. Until now anyway.

Instagram have started rolling out online “Web Profiles” for all Instagram users that share their photo’s publicly. Not everyone has one yet, but you can expect to find yours soon. The idea behind the Web Profile is pretty much the idea I mentioned above, users or non Instagram users will be able to check out all of the images you upload to Instagram even if they don’t even have the app installed! Just head to[your username] and Bob’s yer uncle, and for those that do have an Instagram account, they can view, like, and comment on your pictures much like you would via the app as well as follow you, of course.


You’ll notice, if you manage to find an Instagram Web Profile, that it looks very much like your Facebook profile, it even has a Timeline-esque header with a complation of images that you’ve taken with Instagram.

Unlike Facebook though, all you’ll be able to see on an Instagram Web profile is every picture ever taken by that Instagram user in chronological order.

I’m pretty excited for the Web Profiles to be introduced, it’s great to finally see the input that Facebook are putting into the photo sharing platform.

You can expect to see your Web Profile appear within this month so keep an eye out for that!

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