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I haven’t been this tickled by a game for a long time! Jetpack Joyride is an absolutely impressive game that’s taken the simple copter game tap to ascend concept and has completely turned it on it’s head giving the player more variety and bonuses to make the gameplay fresh an unique – and pretty hilarious too.

Everything right down to the trailer is ridiculously amusing, I haven’t managed to play this game once without laughing at one of the scientists slipping over.

ScreenshotThe game is fairly simple, you tap and hold to fire your jetpack (that happens to be a mini gun) and ascend into the air to collect the coins, the occasional bonus coin and avoid the many electrifying obstacles you’ll find along your way. During the game players will come across bonus vehicles like the Profit Bird – a bird like aeroplane that requires the player to tap repeatedly to make it rise, The Gravity Suit – which keeps the player either on the ceiling or on the ground whenever the player taps the screen, Lil’ Stomper – A mech warrior style robot that when the player taps the screen it jumps up high, if the player keeps their finger on the screen the Lil’ Stomper will use it’s own jetpack to float safely down to earth.

ScreenshotI’ve already mentioned the coins, but not what you do with them. Obviously by now you’ve worked out that they must be used as some sort of currency right? YES! Players can use their coins to buy a huge selection of different things such as different clothing for Barry, different Jetpacks (just aesthetically pleasing they don’t actually add any improvements to gameplay), players can upgrade the vehicles by giving each one a magnet to collect all of the coins they pass, loads of different “utilities” that give the player an advantage such as a 750 meter head start, and different gadgets.

ScreenshotGadgets are things that improve Barry’s performance during the game, you can choose from 18 different gadgets that are each in different tiers, that give the player some sort of advantagebut in other ways can make the game more difficult. You can buy gadgets like Air Barry’s – These are adorable little sneakers that lets Barry jump high sounds good doesn’t it, but it can be a pain when you’re having to jump precisely between two electro barriers, Nerd Repellant – if like me you find the little scientists hilarious, you may want to consider buying this gadget, it removes the scientists but it also leaves tumble weeds behind excellent for playing keepy-uppy with – also a great way to be distracted and get hit by a rocket.

This game is an absolute classic and I would have reviewed it much sooner but I’ve been really keen to unlock everything.

You can find Jetpack Joyride on:
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