Nuketown 2025


So those of you who couldn’t wait to get your hands on Black Ops 2 probably queued until midnight for the release, probably spent all night on the game, probably fuddled with the code to download the exclusive pre-order only Nuketown 2025 map, and probably soon realised that after the double XP launch weekend the game mode for Nuketown 24/7 had disappeared.

Nothing out of the ordinary there really, in the original Black Ops title Nuketown 24/7 would come and go occasionally but we could always play it when it popped up during the in game map rotation but that wasn’t the case with Nuketown 2025.

nuketownEarlier in the week it came to light that the exclusive pre-order map wasn’t included in the normal in game map rotation and probably wouldn’t be seen again until the next double XP/Nuketown 24/7 and this left a bitter taste in a majority of BlOps players.

Since then you may have noticed a new playlist pop up in the game selection menu called Bonus with a Chaos Moshpit game mode. This is similar to Nuketown 24/7 but with all of the other multiplayer maps included in the rotation.

It’s not quite what we were hoping for, but it’s better than nothing right?

What do you think Treyarch should have done with Nuketown 2025? Leave a comment below!

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