After being sent this game on Steam (Thanks again Aaron!), I thought it only right that I play a game that I had never heard of or knew anything about. To my amazement, this was one of those very rare occasions in which I’ve been put in my place. I loaded the game expecting to be met with a VERY mediocre game. I was wrong on every level.

PidNow although the story is simplistic, the game play itself is far from simple. After playing 30 minutes, I began to feel that it’s sort of like Portal 2, Limbo and Trine bunched into one single game. The camera angle and viewpoint within the game is incredibly similar to Limbo. The styling and artwork is sort of similar to Trine and Trine 2, with lots of fluctuating colours which represent the tone and atmosphere of the environments you’re playing through, and finally the puzzles are eerily similar to Portal, which involve throwing down light beams in order to negotiate obstacles and dodge enemies. It seems that the development team for Pid has looked at these games, picked out the most outstanding and impressive features, and used them to construct one super game. Pid is a game in which you play a schoolboy, who falls asleep on the bus on his way back home. He awakens to find that the bus has ended its route on a different planet, and must Pid find his way home again. This involves the player making their way through castles, dungeons and cities in order to help poor little Pid.

PIDNow that being said, this isn’t an easy game to play; there is a large emphasis on puzzles. Most of which I’ve found to be impossible! Having played both the Portal games and found them to be reasonably simple to complete, I thought I would walk through the game in a couple of days. Again, I was wrong. Without a mastery of the keyboard and extreme amounts of dexterity you will struggle with this game. It’s necessity for timing and quick finger work from what I’ve seen needs to be borderline super human in order to get anywhere! The default controls are not exactly user friendly either, with the arrow keys being used to move, and z, s and x being the interactive keys. Without a rebinding, there was no way in hell I was getting past the first puzzle and good god did it take me a while!

At the end of the day, I can only say that this game deserves more recognition that it’s gotten. I’m guilty with not knowing a single thing about it when I received it, and for a game that is so sophisticated in its mechanics and styling to go unnoticed shows that something is DEFINITELY wrong with the world. Sure there are issues with the story, it doesn’t exactly make you feel heartfelt for Pid but as a game to go to for a challenge, it’s perfect. Puzzle platform gamers will fall for this game in seconds, and even though it’s not my preferred genre, I have too.

Buy Pid now on Steam for £6.99, and have your say!

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