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After yesterdays cracking bargains, I thought I’d provide you (rather generously I might add) with another daily update with regards to some of the best deals that we can take advantage of. So without further rambling, let’s begin with my Steam Autumn Sale day 2 top 5:War of the roses

  1. War of the Roses: A game destined for success, the highly popular first person medieval slasher set during the War of the Roses has been given a price reduction of 50%, going from £24.99 to just £12.49! This highly addictive game is a one of a kind (except Chivalry: Medieval Warfare) offers massive aesthetic customisation to both the look of your knight and also your load out, allowing you to choose from an array of weaponry and perks. Now although this game is pretty steep on the system requirements, even running the game on the lowest settings will still provide you with hours of playing time, making this game the very must for any Steam library.Saints row

  2. Saints Row the Third: This game has had a massive price cut in today’s sale, going from a whopping £29.99 to just £7.49, which a discount of 75%! The enormously generous price cut should be enough to tempt any Steam user into considering a purchase, but this game is bound to impress. Considered by critics as being one of the rare good GTA copy cats, players are gifted with a compelling campaign, interesting multiplayer and hilarious free roam and customisation that can make the game ‘interesting’. A fun and addictive game, this game easily deserves its place at number 2!Skyrim

  3. Skyrim: The fabled Skyrim has made its way to number 3 due to both its price cut and its popularity. Reducing 50% from £34.99 to £17.49, a deal like this on a game as popular and successful as Skyrim is a steal. The multi-award winning game gives players the ability to indulge themselves in the province of Skyrim, the snowy north to the world of Tamriel, as they are thrust into the middle of a civil war that threatens the region. The game was met with thunderous applause, and a game like this will not see a decrease in price for some time. I would definitely recommend this deal immediately for those who are considering the game, as this may be the best price you can get the game in a long time.

  4. Left 4 Dead 2: An incredibly addictive game that will provide you with hours of zombie killing fun. With multiple weapons, interesting characters and a multiplayer that allows you to dive into the mind of a zombie makes this game a very good deal. Currently in a flash deal, going from £14.99 to £3.74 with a cut of 75%, make sure you are quick with your purchase; we wouldn’t want you to miss it!

  5. Indie Games: Now a section that I feel may have been overlooked by many throughout this sale is the Indie Game category. Although this may not be your preferred type of game, it won’t hurt to look around the deals within that section because, you never know, you may stumble across your next favourite game! Discounts range from 40-75%, so you’re bound to find something you like.

That’s all from my Steam Autumn Sale day 2 top 5, so as usual comment on games you feel have been potentially overlooked, games that will be in tomorrow’s sale or even games you feel should be in the sale. Is your favourite game being left in the shadows? Say something about it, and I’ll try to give it another shine!

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The sales always happen when I have no money! Grr