Steam Autumn Sale

Steam Sale Autumn3 days into the Steam Autumn Sale and we’ve seen a gargantuan amount of sales, which not only saves us those valuable pennies, but also helps feed our hunger for video games. I’m continuing the tradition with yet another top 5 sales available! Let’s do this!

Borderlands1. Borderlands 2: This game has an unusually large cult following, due to its whacky characters, interesting art style and also the billions of weapons on offer. This game received a lot of pre-release media coverage, and since its release has been the subject of many famous YouTube play-throughs. This game is relatively new, so I was very surprised to see it receive such a big price cut, from £29.99 to £14.99. A total discount of 50%! This game, despite its appearance, contains a very sophisticated levelling system, as well as user-friendly co-operative playing mode, allowing you to take on the mayhem with friends. This sale goes right to the top on this occasion, and I implore you to not miss out!


  1. Total War Shogun 2: This strategy game is perfect for gamers who are fans of the Total War series of games. Instead of previous instalments that focused on Ancient Greece or Medieval Europe, we are welcome with ancient Asia. Different provinces and clans can be controlled in order to become the next ruler of the land, all for a heavily discounted price. From £24.99 to £8.49, amassing to a 66% price cut. This game not only provides you with different units in which to conquer with (the Samurai being a personal favourite), the game also boasts low system requirements. With its epic turn based system, under-rated time period and computer friendly specs, this game deserves to sit near the top.Mass effect

  2. Mass Effect 2: Despite its age, this game remains to be one of my favourite RPG games because of it near-perfect story and lovable characters. Before purchase, I would recommend you play the original Mass Effect, otherwise you’re jumping head first into a story you won’t understand. For those who have played the first, this game is a must have. Continue the story as Spectre Commander Shepard races to save the galaxy from a new, more dangerous threat. This thrill-ride of a game has been gifted to us for just £4.49, 70% less than its original price tag of £14.99. As a fan of the series, I can say that anyone looking for a good story, 3 words. Buy this game.

  3. Deus Ex Human Revolution: Now this game, I don’t know much about, but I do know that it has a very high rating from critics. With ratings of 10/10 from nearly across the entire board, a game this popular is bound to be a steal. Plus for the small price of just £3.74, 75% less than the original cost of £14.99. This impressive price cut and universal critical reception meant that it sat perfect at my number 4 spot.

  4. L.A. Noir: A crime thriller set in the times of the prohibition, with the height of the Mafia crime lords, this game manages to make its way to number 5. This game features a decent story, interesting police protocols, involving investigating crime scenes, and ‘questioning’ witnesses. The graphical content of the game boasts some of the best facial graphics, with player choices having a clear effect on the characters opinions (usually met with a dirty grin or an evil glare). Steam users will be happy to be greeted with a 75% price reduction, going from £19.99 to £4.99.

As usual, if there’s a game out there in the sale that you feel has been overlooked then feel free to comment below. Any games you would like to see in the sale, also drop us a comment, any feedback would be awesome! Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s Steam Autumn Sale update!

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