Steam Autumn Sale


  1. Dishonoured: When I checked Steam to see the latest offers, I almost fell out of my chair with whiplash when I saw that the fabled game Dishonoured was on offer! This game has received such a critical reception from professional reviewers and famous Youtuber’s alike! So to see that we can now pick up this game for just £14.99, with a 50% cut from £29.99 was a very pleasant surprise. Players take on the role of a framed royal protector who is wrongly convicted of killing the queen of the land. Embark on a journey of not only clearing your name and regaining your honour, but also find those responsible for the killing.Batman arkham city

  2. Batman Arkham City- Game of the Year Edition: I played this game on the Xbox and had a huge amount of fun. Obviously, you take control of Batman on a mission of stopping all of Gotham’s criminals from committing injustice, especially The Joker! Although there is a short campaign, the amount of side quests within the game adds much more content that I feel is better than the actual campaign. We are reunited with some of our favourite villains (mine was Bane) and also helps to further upgrade Batman’s abilities and gadgets. The main reason this game came in at number 2 was because of its price, £4.99. The god’s have listened to us ladies and gentlemen and we have been blessed with a 75% cut on a game that ultimately all Batman fans should have in their Steam libraries!Orcs must die

  3. Orcs Must Die 2: This funny little game offers a co-operative experience that everyone, no matter what their age should enjoy. It’s style is one that not only appeals to serious gamers, but also makes it suitable for the little ones, who I feel are likely to go nuts over after they get their hands on it (parents beware!). Going from £11.99 to £2.99 with a 75% discount, grab a friend and give this game a go! You must crush waves of orcs using a variety of weapons and traps to prevent a central point from being overrun!

  4. Sniper Elite V2: Take to the streets as an expert American sniper as you push single-handedly through Germany as you attempt to put an end to World War 2. Again I played this game on the console, and had some fun with it. The bullet cam, which allows you to follow your bullets until impact, adds a great bit of fun for the some-what sadistic, especially when you are presented with a skeleton filled with organs, with the X-Ray showing you what kind of damage you caused (for the squeamish out there avoid the groin, don’t say I didn’t warn you!). This game is on offer for £14.99 thanks to a 50% discount from £29.99.

  5. Torchlight 2: Now again like many of the games featured in my top 5 deals, this game is relatively new. Only a few months old and we’ve already been given a 50% discount bringing the final price to £7.49. This game boasts a playing style similar to the popular Blizzard game Diablo 3, but features a style a lot more suitable for younger players. This game gives you the opportunity to fully customise your characters, as well as choose from a variety of classes! I would definitely recommend this game to all different types of gamers!

As usual, you’ve probably gotten just as sick of this as I have, but comment if there’s a game out there you’d like to see in the sale, or if there’s a game that you feel has been overlooked. Look out for tomorrow, where I give my final top 5 for the final day of the sale, so stay wary!

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