Steam Autumn Sale

Steam Sale Autumn

Steam Users BEWARE! One of Steams famous sales has begun, so watch the wallets! These sales are legendary for massively reducing the prices of games, giving us lucky gamers the chance to bag some excellent bargains on some fantastic games. Across the sale, I’ll keep you updated on what to look out for, and some of my recommendations throughout the sale. Let’s start of the first day of the sale with my top 5 bargains:


  1. Arma 2- Combined Operations- These games boomed in population recently because of the highly popular mod Day Z. Originally when it as released, gamers had to cough up around £50 in order to play, as both are required to be able to run the mod. This item was reduced to a new price of £24.99, but thanks to the gods of the Steam Autumn Sale you can now pick it up for just £14.99. Not only do you get a realistic tactical military simulator, which is renowned for its sophistication, but you can also download Day Z, possibly one of the greatest modifications to be released in a while. I would highly recommend this package.

Walking dead2. The Walking Dead- Only this week the final episode to Telltales The Walking Dead game was released, and just in time for the sale. I’ve followed the story of this game since the beginning and I can honestly report that this is the role model game all others should look at when developing their own stories. Never in my life have I been so absorbed in a story of a video game as much as this game.  difficult choices and the lovable (in some cases hate-able)  characters reflect the greatest traits present in the television series of the same name. With a reduction of 50%, from an original price of £20.99 to just £10.49, this game is essential in every Steam library solely down to its truly magnificent story. 

age of empires

  1. Age of Empires 3: The Complete Collection- This real time strategy game offers hundreds of hours of content, and its stunning graphical content will satisfy every single minute of that. Complete with both expansion packs, The War Chiefs and The Asian Dynasties, hundreds of combinations of civilisations can be created. Versatility and beauty are the main selling points to this collection, whose default price stands at £29.99. What solidifies its place in my top 10 is the saving. Thanks to the sale, we have been given a gigantic 75% discount, amassing a final price of just £7.99. With savings like this, you’d be crazy to ignore this item.

4. X-Com Enemy Unknown- A relatively new game, this game is presented to us with a 33% price cut, meaning a final price of £20.09. This is a remake to a 90’s computer game with the same name, whose reception was incredibly high. Players are thrust into protecting the world from alien attackers through the use of special task force. Aside from taking down enemies in a turn based strategy game style, players can customise the gear and appearance of all their soldiers, as well as outfit their headquarters with a whole different array of tools designed to assist in the protection of the planet. This game makes its way to number 4, due to its saving, style and the fact that it’s a relatively new game.

5. Company of Heroes- A relatively old strategy game, with a rather friendly original price of just £6.99, you’re able to download this game for just £1.74 thanks to a price discount of 75%. Although this game is old, this doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a good game. With a campaign based around the Allied Invasion of Europe, players have access to a whole array of different ground forces in a way of besting enemies. Tanks, soldiers and artillery are just the beginning to this truly fantastic game. Aside from a compelling campaign, a tense and interesting multiplayer makes this game a must have for all strategy game fans. This game cements itself respectfully at the bottom of my top 5.

Well that’s my top 5 for the first day of the Autumn Sale, and make sure you check back for my daily updates on the best deals available. Make sure you dissect every part of Steam in order to find the best deals for you. Although these are my recommendations, you may disagree, and feel free to comment on some of the items available that you feel would be worthy of my top 5.

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