Its time to rekindle the love of all those games you used to play, on whatever platform it may of been. With our new feature #ThrowbackThursday. Each week we’re going to look at the games that have shaped our current library, the ones that made us favour a little red plumber over a speedy blue hedgehog.


So lets get started! I had a number of games to choose from and I was really unsure of what would be a good choice. weather to choose something obvious and pick a Mario game or throw a curve ball and choose something maybe a little different. I chose the latter. Canis Canem Edit or as you may remember it by, Bully.

This game was probably my last real game for my Playstation 2 before I upgraded to Xbox 360. And what a last game it was.  And anybody who had this game will probably agree that they had countless hours of fun throwing dodge balls at fellow classmates or trying to outrun the prefects after some other tomfoolery. You play a young boy called Jimmy Hopkins (possibly the most generic name ever), a 14 year old left at Bullsworth Academy whilst his mother and new step-father go on holiday. In the opening cut scene you find out that Jimmy has gone from school to school and is somewhat a disruptive young boy. Bullsworth Academy is a fictional boarding school in New England and has large ‘Campus’ with an adjoining town split into different areas. At first Jimmy is only able to explore school, it’s huge but you just want to climb the fence and get out of there. There are a number of cliques in the school and each can be helped to further you in your game. You have Greasers, Jocks, Preppies, Nerds, Bullies and Townies and there’s some non-clique characters too. My favourite by far were the Nerds, they’re the first to welcome Jimmy to Bullsworth and they often hire him for protection or to retreive things for them. They also were by far the funniest and came out with some great one-liners, repetative over time but funny non the less.


As you progress through the story which revolves around the main antagonist, Gary Smith (yet another generic name) who quite frankly is a scheming sociopath Playing mind games with Jimmy and getting him do all the dirty work whilst Gary takes control of the school. Jimmy is given the task of taking him down and eventually becoming ‘king’ himself. Jimmy has very wide range of weapons at his disposal all of which are the kind a 14 year old school boy would use, you have the classic sling-shot which can be upgraded to have a scope on it for those long range shots, fire crackers, stink bombs, itching powder and eventually the Nerds will make you a bottle rocket launcher and a spud cannon (much like a spud gun, but with the kick of a rice gun)Once you take down Gary, Jimmy is thrown out of Bullsworth and needs to clear his name so that he can enroll back in school.

There’s game relies heavy on mini-games to earn money and upgrade Jimmy’s abilities, such as chemistry to make stink bombs, English lessons to talk to other people differently and some of the town mini-games will give you money to spend on Jimmy’s appearance. With the town being so large and so much area to cover Jimmy needs some transportation and he has a number of things to choose from, he can use his trusty skateboard and hold onto a car for that added boost, he has bikes,  the Go-Kart which can be unlocked after completing all the races in the town, Jimmy can steal a Moped but without a helmet will be busted by the police if spotted and lastly there is the ride on lawn mower which is used for detention when Jimmy most mow the Football pitch.

When this game came out I was the same age as young Master Hopkins and I remember that alot of adults at the time and newspapers were saying that this game was a bad thing and made Bullying look good, I wholeheartedly disagree with everyone who said these sort of things. Yes you were a Bully, but a Bully who in turn helped everyone out in one way or another. Apart from Gary, Gary got what he deserved. But Rockstar made a great game, it was a bit like a GTA for the younger player. This game was well received by most besides the people mentioned before. The way I look at it is that its not as bad as Manhunt.

Canis Canem Edit was released 25th October 2006 in the UK on Playstation 2 and was planned to be released on xbox but never came about. On 6th March 2008 Bully: Scholarship Edition was released on Xbox 360 and Wii. It’s funny how it originally was never released for the Xbox and that the Scholarship Edition was never released on PS3. Canis Canem Edit is still available on PS2 from GAME if your feeling a bit nostalgic for £4.99 and Scholarship Edition can be picked up for £9.99 on the Wii at GAME and can be downloaded from The Xbox Market Place for a very similar price. My copy is currently downloading.

Let me know if you played this game when it first came out or weather it was the Xbox release that got you in the comments below.

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